Popup greeting card models for lunar new year

The Lunar New Year greeting card is a small, simple but indispensable gift for Vietnamese New Year. Let’s refer to some popup greeting card models.

What does the New Year popup greeting card mean?

Tet gift, Lunar New Year’s calendar and Lunar New Year’s popup greeting card are a trio of indispensable Tet gifts sent by businesses to customers and employees to give their gratitude and instead thank them for accompanying businesses in the past year.

This shows the desire to cooperate for a long time in the future.

popup greeting cards

Gifts, calendars and greeting cards are always complementary and reciprocal so that from now on, those who are not familiar gradually become friends, those who are already friends will become more and more close. 

The sweet, warm message on the popup greeting card 

In addition, the Lunar New Year popup greeting card is also a special meaningful gift given to each other by relatives.

Children giving to parents, parents giving children, friends giving each other … all show their strong bond, removing all distances but becoming closer.

For a child away from home, a popup greeting card with a message of love will surely be the best gift for everyone in the family.

Sincere sentiment, the attention sent is the message sent by the cards over all geographical and spatial distances. 

How to choose the Lunar New Year popup greeting card? 

The Lunar New year popup greeting card is a simple gift, but in order to express your interest, you also need to pay attention to choose beautiful, suitable cards that can make the recipient immediately remember you.

Here are some notes for you to choose the best Spring greeting cards: 

Designs for that year:

new year popup card

When choosing a Lunar New Year popup greeting card, Happy Spring, you should pay attention to choose the card templates that match the meaning of that year.

For example, if you choose a new year greeting card 2021, you should choose a buffalo icon because 2021 is the year of buffalo, instead of choosing the image of a mouse (Year of the mouse), tiger (Year of the Tiger) …

Have its own creativity:

Beautiful popup greeting card designs, designed out of the way but without losing the features expressing the spring color, the taste of Vietnamese New Year will be a gift to make the mark with your relatives, friends, customers and partners.

Highly practical:

The design of the popup greeting card is unique and beautiful, but still needs to follow the needs of use.

You can use the Lunar New Year popup greeting card for many different purposes such as attaching to products, giving gifts to partners, customers, or for giving to relatives, friends …

Therefore, factors such as the color, style, and size of the popup greeting card need to be suitable to the needs and objects, with high practicality.

Compact size:

Should choose common sizes such as 10x20cm, 9x18cm or 12x15cm, for cards 20x20cm, the cards should be doubled to create a compact, both hand held and put in the gift basket.

Choose beautiful, sturdy printing paper:

The Lunar New year greeting cards are gifts to keep memories, sometimes many families use to decorate peach trees, kumquat trees.

Therefore, when choosing cards, you should pay attention to cards made of sturdy paper, beautiful glossy, luxurious like C200, C300 or art paper. 


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