Popup greeting cards – gift giving good things to everyone

Popup greeting cards are not only a simple gift for loved ones but also their hearts and feelings for each other. This gift also brings a lot of meaning that if you want to give someone, do not ignore it.

The meaning of the Popup greeting cards

popup greeting cards

The first is a surprise to bring someone you love with special shapes and vivid colors. Popup greeting cards are also the perfect choice for all gift-giving occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, and more, the cover will have many different types with many meanings.

A gift in itself, this Wizard of Oz greeting card is perfect for all occasions, including House Warming, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, holidays and more!

Using fine Italian pressed and dyed paper with intricate paper engineering, this premium card can be used as a keepsake or display, making it the ultimate gift for everyone. Make sure your loved ones will love this gift.

This rustic popup greeting card has floral motifs and is stamped with many words, many meaningful wishes such as: “thank you” and “bless your heart”, “wish you always happy”. This greeting card has such a sweet design on their front, back as well as from the inside. Write a nice feeling on the inside of one of these graceful cards and bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Popup greeting cards – a meaningful birthday gift

Simple tutorial on making popup greeting cards

The steps for creating popup greeting cards are also very simple, just follow the instructions.

popup greeting cards

Prepare items for making cards

– Scissors, ruler, and adhesive

– Extra decorative paper, such as cardstock, scrapbook

– Writing utensils, such as pens, markers, or colored pencils

– Stamps and ink pads

– Paper punches, die cuts, or stencils

– Embellishments, such as rhinestones, ribbon, glitter, buttons, or washi tape

Use stamps to create designs, determine your sentiment, or choose embellishments to start. With greeting cards, the occasion could be anything from “Hello” to “Thinking of You” to “Wish You Were Here,” and more, so consider that when coming up with your DIY greeting card design. If you want to make Popup greeting cards as gifts for the occasion, prepare cards with pictures and colors associated with that part.

Popup greeting cards – gift giving good things to everyone

Design the outer layer for the card

The first part of building your card should be to create the background on the front. This will be the part that attracts the receiver from the first look, creating a sense of excitement. In this step you will use drawing layered paper, or stenciling a pattern on the front of the card.

Design the next outer layer of the card

After creating your background layer, your next layer is usually reserved for your main image and sentiment. Adhere the image you want to decorate the card, stamp your main image, or whatever is the focal point of your card.

Decorative more details outside

Add the last decorative details to the popup greeting cards which usually includes embellishments like ribbon or buttons. You can add some dimension by using glue dots or 3D adhesive squares under your embellishments when appropriate. To avoid sticking, let it dry for a few minutes.

Complete the design on the inside of Popup greeting cards

Usually the inside of a card is not deeply detailed but you can add a layer of paper or some of your background pattern to make it more exciting. You will write your well wishes on the inside of the card.

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