Required contents when designing the marriage invitation card

The marriage invitation card is one of the informants of your invitation to your loved ones and friends about marriage. Therefore, wedding invitations need to be carefully and carefully prepared to impress the guests. In an invitation card there will be many parts, many different content that you can choose. Let’s find out through the information shared below. 

Basic information to know about wedding invitations

From the past up to now, every wedding invitations will be printed and distributed by families of the bride and groom’s family. Each wedding invitation always has 2 parts: the happy newspaper and the invitation. In particular, the happy newspaper section aims to inform some information about the bride, groom, organization address, … And the invitation card is the part where the name of the guest comes to attend, the address to attend, … Usually, the report design is on the left and the invitation is designed on the right.

marriage invitation card

In the wedding invitation, the report on the happiness of the bride’s family and the bride’s family will be slightly different, but still include the main contents of the marriage ceremony, marriage, and vu quy. More specifically, it is the invitation card information for the bride and groom’s family.

The content of the happy newspaper section of the invitation to the groom’s family will have the following contents:

  • The first is the respectful announcement of the marriage (wedding ceremony at the groom’s house) or the newlyweds.
  •  Next is the information about the bride and groom’s full name.
  • Information about the specific time and address where the wedding took place.
  • Finally, the information of the biological body, mother and groom on the left and the information of the biological body and mother of the bride on the right.

The report of the joy in the bride’s wedding invitation is similar to that of the groom’s family, however, the first part will be the announcement of the wedding ceremony, instead of the wedding ceremony. The word vu quy here means only a ceremony to bring a daughter to her husband’s house. Next, information about the bride, groom, bride’s house and bride’s family should be relocated compared to the groom’s wedding invitation. 

Information required in the invitation card

There are two essential parts to note when preparing an invitation that is the content inside and the appearance. Thereby you need to pay attention to not be flawed or confused.

Contents marriage invitation card

marriage invitation card

The next wedding invitation content that families need to pay attention to is the invitation. After the announcement of the joy, the announcement of the wedding content, the invitation card is very important. This part is reserved for the guests with formal and joyful words such as “respectfully invite”, “please come”, “is an honor”, “invite”, … Information in the card section The invitation will have the name of the invitee, the party’s address, the reception time, …

Envelope for cards for marriage invitation card

In addition to the information about the happy newspaper and invitation cards, another very important part of the wedding invitation is the card envelope. The information printed on the envelope should be designed to be simple. But it still makes it easy for the guests to remember such as: Dear (insert name of guest), Full name of bride and groom, Wedding ceremony day.

The back of the container may be left blank. In addition, an issue to note besides the content of the wedding invitation. People should also note the size of the wedding invitation. For the most part, the most common size for a wedding invitation is 12 x 16 (cm). However, this is just the traditional size. You can choose a card design with any size you want! For example, 8.5 x 12, 9.5 x 22, 12 x 17 or 15 x 15 will work. 

Marriage invitation card is an important part before weddings. Therefore, when preparing card design, it is also necessary to prepare carefully. Make sure to check the required information on each card so you don’t make any mistakes. Above is the information shared about the marriage invitation card. Hopefully that way you will also be able to find yourself the most beautiful cards. 

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