Show you how to make pop up mother’s day cards with flowers pop up

One of the most meaningful days that everyone should remember is Mother’s Day. On this day people often return to their families, giving their mothers the most meaningful gifts. One of the gifts chosen the most is pop up mother’s day cards with flowers turned on. The following article will guide you on how to make these lovely cards as gifts for mothers day.

The materials need to be prepared when making pop up mother’s day cards

– Card stock: You can use a pack of mixed blue card stock for the blue flower card, and a pack of pink and ivory card stock for the pink flower card. Then you can also use a white card to print covers and create details for decoration.

– Knife, scissors: You can use scissors or a knife to cut the cards. There will also be easy and convenient shredders for cutting boards into a variety of shapes.

– Prepare handmade glue and cards with flowers, leaves, and plants on them.

Steps to make pop up mother’s day cards

The steps to getting started with making a mother’s day gift card are not too difficult either. You just need to prepare enough materials and pay attention to how to do it.

pop up mother's day cards

Cut flowers and leaves

A card can cut up to 5 layers of flowers if you want it to stand out more flowers. If not, cut 3 to 4 layers of flowers.

After you have finished cutting the flowers and leaves, the flower templates to the card stock using double sided tape, and cut using scissors or a knife.

To cut the flowers, you need to be skillful to not get cut off, double check and make sure the largest flower measures about 6 ″ to 6.5 ″, and keep the group of flowers together when you resize.

You can use a computer to create pictures of flowers and then use a printer to print out the cover. Before printing, also enter the cut mode to cut out the flower shape as desired.

When you upload it in Cricut Design space, it will ask you to choose whether print then cut, or cut only. Selecting print then cut will tell the machine to print the entire image, and cut along the outlines of each leaf on the transparent background. You need to perform computer manipulations to be able to be cut precisely to the right size without any white paper left on the edges. 

pop up mother's day cards

Fold the flowers and stick them on the card

Use a card that has been cut into the shape of a card and then use glue to stick the flowers onto the card. Fold flower in half, matching the two tabs, fold in between the petals along the cut lines, glue the two end petals together. Repeat with the other flower layers. Then decorate more and you have completed the pop up mother’s day cards to give to the mother.

Pop up mother’s day cards also come in a variety of shapes and colors and are easy to make. Give your mother a card and meaningful greetings.

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