Simple method to create 3D popup love cards

Pop-up cards are great twist on the standard greeting card. Make some simple cuts in decorative paper to create a tab. Press the tab ahead and use the popup window. If you want to process a purchased card, add tabs to the popup and place them in the center of the card. The recipient of your pop-up card will love your creation!

3D popup love cards can surprise any recipient

Here is the simplest method to make your own 3D popup love cards

Step 1

Choose paper for the card. Take 2 pieces of cardboard or colored paper of the same size. Try using 20 x 28 cm (8 x 11 inch) paper to make a standard-size card. You can use any heavy decorative or scrapbook paper. If it’s hard enough, you can even use a brightly colored texture.

Step 2

Fold 2 pieces of cardboard or colored paper in half. Fold both pieces in half widthwise to make a standard-sized card. One section is finally a tabbed and popup section. It fits inside the second part, which is the front and back of the card. The fold can be completely smoothed out with fingers or a bone file.

Step 3

Make 2 1-inch cuts in the center of the card. Take one folded piece of paper and keep it folded in half. Make 2 one-inch (2.5 cm) parallel cuts through the folded side of the paper. The cutouts must be in the center of the card so that the popup image is centered. These tabs should work for 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) images. Consider the size of your popup. For example, if your popup is large, you’ll probably need a larger tab.

Step 4

Open the card and push out the tab. Open up the card you just cut so you can see the slits. Using your fingers, gently press the tab up toward you. Use your fingers to pull the fold of the card so that it is tightly compressed. Bend the tab in the opposite direction so that it comes out and away from the card.

Step 5

Cut out your popup image. Draw or cut the pop-up into the desired shape. You can even use small photos. Use, for example, the shape of a gift, a cutout of a person’s name, a heart, or a small school picture. Cut out your popsicle shape and make sure it fits on the card.  Consider using an Exacto cutter to make a precise cut around the image.

Step 6

Add a splash image to a tab. Open the card with the tab and put some glue on the bottom of the tab. Slide the pop-up image onto the tab and press firmly to confirm. Avoid pasting the top of the tab or the image will not display correctly.

Step 7

Attach another piece of paper to the card using the pop-up window. Take out the other paper that you folded earlier. Rub a glue stick or put double-sided tape on both sides of the open paper. Open the card with the pop-up image and place it on the glue. Press firmly and allow to dry completely. Another paper hides the tab so you can’t see the card until you open it.

Step 8

Decorate and sign a pop-up card. Write your message and use any craft supplies to decorate the card. Use them if you have ribbon, glitter, stickers, stamps, or any scrapbooks! Place the card in the envelope and give it to the recipient. Consider using special scissors to cut decorative edges from the sides of the card.

Follow those 8 simple steps and you can have your own 3D popup love cards. Hope you succeed!

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