Some suggestions about wedding invitation card that you should know (part 1)

The wedding invitation card also shows the sincerity and respect of the bride and groom to the guests invited to the wedding. No matter how beautiful a wedding invitation card is, being erased or misrepresented will make the guest feel disrespected. 

Notes for writing wedding invitation card

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Information about parents of both parties 

  • For a Catholic family, learn exactly the Holy name and put the Holy name before the name of the parents and the name of the bride and groom. Currently, a number of Buddhist weddings also include the Buddhist name of the bride and groom’s father/mother in the wedding invitation.
  • For families whose parent has passed away or for some reason not present at the wedding, you should consult whether your parents want to include the deceased person’s name on the wedding invitation card.
  • If the father dies, the way to write the wedding invitation card is as follows: The widow: [Father’s full name]. Incognito: [Mother’s full name]. If both parents pass away, the bride and groom want to put their parents’ names on their wedding invitation card, then use the words Old Patriarch: [Father’s name], Old mother: [Mother’s name]. Or you can write the full name of parents on the card, below the extra note Deceased / Passed away, or more solemnly, note the Passed both of them.
  • If it is not convenient to put the parents’ names on the top of the wedding invitation, you can leave the name of the matchmaker who is the eldest brother in the house, or the representative uncle in the family. 

Exact information about the wedding ceremony

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The way to write wedding invitation card has two parts to pay attention to is the wedding ceremony information and wedding party information, you need to write down the exact information of the wedding to print accurately. 

With a little attention, you will see that the current wedding invitations clearly state the Engagement Ceremony, the Wedding Ceremony.

Therefore, to avoid disappointment when recording wedding invitation information, you base on the nature of the ceremony that you invite guests to decide on the right word. 

However, do not be too stressed about this. Many families do not know how to use words, they use the phrase “… invite to a party with the family” is still accepted by the guests. 

The date and time of the wedding ceremony

The date and time of the wedding ceremony is the day of the ceremony to bring the bride to the groom’s house. This time on the card is mainly to inform close relatives only. The date and time of this wedding should be clearly stated on both solar and lunar dates.

For a religious bride and groom who has a Holy Mass at the church, it should specify the time of the ceremony and the name of the Church for guests of the same religion to attend and bless.

Date, time and place of party

This is the part that guests are most interested in because it directly affects them. Ideally, you specify the information of the wedding hall, the wedding reception restaurant where you hold the party, the exact address (street name, ward, district, wedding hall name). If the wedding ceremony at home should also fill in the information as above.

The content of the wedding invitation card should have a map that clearly shows the most prominent place near the wedding reception (for example, how many meters from the intersection of the street, a shopping mall, a church, a pagoda …). It is best to add an estimate of the length of the road so that it can be easily visualized. 


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