Some suggestions about wedding invitation card that you should know (part 2)

How to write a specific wedding invitation card for each guest 

wedding invitation card

How to record a wedding invitation card to invite friends of the bride and groom’s parents 

If the guest is a friend of parents, the bride and groom should write the invitation as follows: Outside, write the invitation to Miss/ Mrs/ Uncle/ [Invitation Name]. 

Inside the invitation card said Dear: Miss/ Mrs/ Uncle/ [Invitation Name] and your family. If the guest has a deceased spouse, just write the name of one person on the invitation. 

How to write a wedding invitation card to invite relatives to attend the wedding

For those in the relative, when writing wedding invitation card you should ask the help of parents on both sides to say properly. After writing the card, you should double-check to avoid confusion about your address. 

If writing incorrectly, the bride and groom should write invitations, not erase them to avoid offending the guests.

How to write a card to invite friends to a wedding

When writing cards inviting friends to the wedding, the bride and groom should say “You” and “We”. For example, invite my friend + Name to the wedding of “We”.

If the guest is a colleague, depending on whether the person is older or younger than you, choose the appropriate title of Mr / Miss / Mrs. 

How to write a card to invite a married guest to a wedding

When writing a wedding invitation card for married people, you should write the following: You are invited to join the marriage ceremony. If the guest is equal to or younger than that, you can write: Please invite your husband/wife [Name of guest] to the wedding …

How to write a card to invite the guests are single

If the guest is still single, you should write the wedding invitation card as follows: on the outside of the cover, please write Mr. / Mrs. A. Inside the wedding invitation, write Dear Sir / Madam [Name of Guest] and your loved one to attend our wedding. 

Above is a detailed guide on how to write the correct wedding invitation card for the bride and groom. Hopefully, the information handmadegifts has just provided will help couples avoid even the smallest mistakes when writing invitations for their wedding.

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wedding invitation card

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