Special popup cards for Christmas and New Year Eve

Christmas is coming closer than ever! Have you had any astonishing gifts for your family and friends? If you still have not made up your mind, try some special popup cards listed below.
– Pop-Up Card Reindeer in the Woods: The season is here, and the reindeer have come to play! Stag and deer meet in this elegant card surrounded by fir trees and snow. This detailed card is red with a colorful interior.
– Reindeer Christmas Pop-Up Card: Santa jumps on an intricately designed sleigh and delivers presents with four reindeer. The sled is cleverly designed with good details. The sleigh and reindeer are made of white paper, while Santa rides in rich red.
– Christmas Bells Pop-Up Card: Rock someone’s Christmas with this bell card. This simple yet sophisticated card features a beautiful white bow with red and white Christmas bells and a green “Merry Christmas” tag flowing over the bow.
– Vacation house pop-up card: Go on vacation! This card is made of a red and white house next to a beautiful Christmas tree.
– Christmas Ornament Pop-Up Card: Family Card! This map describes exactly how families set up the Christmas tree. The map opens to a tree with the parents decorating the tree while the kids run around.
Fluffy white snow frosted the forest green front of our laser-cut pine Christmas card. Reindeer, grizzly bears, owls, squirrels, hedgehogs, and foxes decorate the Christmas tree with the hope of a nice holiday. This card is blank inside so you can add your own words, sweet blessings, and good wishes. Each fit in an elegant envelope. Send this Happy Holiday card to boys, girls, kids, friends, family, or loved ones, and bless them with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Open the Music Box Card to unlock a beautiful festive musical story scene. Listen to the music and watch the cute penguin magically glide to the classic Christmas carol. The front of the Music Box Card looks like a traditional Christmas card but opens to reveal a magnetic dancing figure that moves around the card to the beat of the music when you press the play button. Each card has space on the back for a personal message and also comes with a pearlescent gold envelope.
The cover features a laser-cut silhouette of a cherry tree. Upon opening, a beautiful surprise emerges from the soft branch’s beautiful peach and pink cherry blossoms. In Asian culture, cherry trees represent love, strength, and beauty, making them the perfect gift for that special someone near or far. Cherry flowers bloom in spring – the season of festival and that the reason why cherry tree is considered as the symbol of New Year festival in Asian Culture.

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