Special types of pop cards you should know

The cards can help you send love to many people. Each card has a different decorative pattern. You can use the card in important holidays or anniversaries such as weddings, christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays,… You can also send cards to your loved ones every day. To avoid boredom, you can choose special pop cards. They are not like ordinary pop cards. Embossed textures make them stand out and leave more of an impression. So what are pop cards? And what kind of special pop cards are there? Let’s find out with hmgpop right here!


What are pop cards?

Pop cards are floating cards. Just like pop up books. Floating card is a type of card that contains images that when opened, there are many layers of images and floats on the surface of the card.

Pop cards are now available in many countries around the world. The uniqueness of the floating card is that each card looks small but when opened, it brings a surprise. Because the art models are meticulously assembled, delicately showing a lot of different content. The pictures are designed in detail and meticulously embossed on the card when opened, very eye-catching.

This special type of card can reproduce images of objects, animals, flowers, and houses in the form of layers of pictures that are cut and put together. Therefore, it is very suitable to give to someone you love. Vivid images in the card are contributing to show your care and heart. When you open the card, you will see the simulated images vividly.

Unlike mass-produced flat cards, 3D embossed cards are created mainly based on creativity along with skillful hands, diligence and meticulousness of the people who make them. To be able to create this type of card, it is necessary to have detailed designs, ingenuity and sophistication. If you give a pop card to someone you love, it shows how important the other person is in your heart!

Some outstanding pop card templates

Pop card thanks from nature

If you are a nature lover, this is probably a thank you card template not to be missed. HMG uses mint green hot trend in 2021 as the background color for the card, colorful floating flowers are attached to the card. Create an eye-catching effect that makes the card stand out like never before.

Pop card for lovebirds

pop cards

Cards using images of butterflies always create a sense of magic, impressing and attracting the recipients. A pair of phalaenopsis wrapped around each other will symbolize long-lasting love, together for life, very suitable for wedding invitations.

Pop cards can help you contain a lot of love to send to anyone. The special design of this card will make you feel more interested in the recipient. Pop cards for any occasion are meticulously crafted. It is filled with a lot of effort and love from the maker!

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