Steps to make a pop up easter card

Easter is considered one of the most important Christian holidays of the year and usually comes in the spring of the year. Easter includes typical activities that are usually held every year such as decorating easter eggs, hunting easter eggs, wearing rabbit ears.. so people can also give each other pop up Easter cards to express their joy of the day. this. What could be better than the following article that will provide you with the most detailed steps to make a handmade pop up easter card to give to friends and loved ones this spring and say “Happy Easter!”

Compulsory Materials

  • Color card


  • Vinyl glue

  • Scissors
  • Colored ribbons
  • Seed


  • Wadding
  • Gift card

Material Handling 

After all, we need to get some glue, scissors, cards of different colors, beads, ribbons, and whatever else we need to enrich the greeting card. We proceed by cutting an oval layer of cardboard. Having obtained, then, two cards in the shape of an easter egg, with the help of an awl we drill holes on the left side of both plates and pass a ribbon inside them, we will be tied to the back of them.

Make small Easter eggs for the pop up Easter card

Then we make small Easter eggs with cotton wool: to get the desired shape and make the lining more malleable, we proceed to moisten our hands. Now we stick the collected eggs on the front of the card, enriching them with what we like: beads, themed strips of fabric and anything else the imagination will suggest. If at home we find a gift card that we haven’t used yet, we can get additional decorations for our pop up Easter card, cutting out oval shapes that look like little eggs. In a second moment, we cut a rectangle of colored cardboard, fold it in half by height and glue the paper eggs on the front side.

Complete a pop up Easter card 

To enrich our tickets, we may stick the gift recipient’s initials, or colored feathers that will liven up our pop up Easter cards. Creating and creating masterpieces small or large like our pop up Easter cards is a good example of bricolage art and also a good way to face the current economic crisis. It should also be emphasized that it is you who please us, because it allows us to show our love and abilities by creating objects that interest us. Good job and good luck ! 

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