Summary of the most famous and meaningful pop up card templates today

The trend of giving gifts with 3D embossed cards in parties and special occasions is getting more and more popular. Many people believe that a card will help them express their feelings to those around them. Each pop-up card has different characteristics and beauty. Explore the pop up card template for more options that best suit your needs. 

The perfect pop up card template for your choice

Nowadays, there are a lot of products on the market that meet the needs of everyone. There are many different models and uses

Floating cards express love

It is not surprising that this card template is loved and chosen by many people. Because the design of these cards is extremely eye-catching and impressive.

Each 3D embossed card is designed with different symbolic messages and images. 

Not only that, each card is also designed specifically for each object.

If you use it to confess your love, you can choose simple images such as hearts, love angels, etc., with a bunch of flowers or a small gift box, ensuring your crush will fall for your sincerity. 

If used to give a lover, a wife, a husband, choose card templates with more intense and intense images such as lovers, small family images, etc.

Thiệp nổi NB011

Birthday card templates

Sure, when it comes to 3D embossed cards, people will immediately think of giving them to birthday parties. Because of this, birthday cards are also very popular.

The birthday card templates designed by the company’s team are very diverse, suitable for all situations. The target audience varies from delicate, elegant to youthful, fresh and even has lovely and funny cards.

Cards for little angels

The 3D embossed card templates for the little ones also received a lot of love from everyone. Most of these cards are designed with eye-catching images and colors, stimulating the curiosity and interest of children.

You can give them to them on occasions like birthdays, babysitting, etc. along with meaningful wishes to wish them a new age, a future full of joy and luck. 

Thiệp nổi BD065

When should the card be given and who is the object?

No need to be too fussy or ostentatious about colors and images, these 3D embossed cards contain just what the chooser wants. Many minimalist style people feel satisfied with the simple but no less sophisticated design of this card template.

Because it is a minimalist design, it is capable of “weighing all circumstances”. Any party or special occasion you can use them. Depending on the situation, you can also flexibly choose its color and design.

With a 3D embossed card designed in a minimalist style, you can be assured of its age-appropriateness. You can give them to your teachers, friends, parents, lovers, etc. All are suitable for receiving this card. 

Besides the 3D embossed cards mentioned above, VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFRS, JSC also owns countless different card templates to satisfy the needs of even the most fastidious people. Please visit and contact the company to consult and choose for yourself the best card templates!

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