Summary of the most prominent 3D popup Wedding cards models today

Weddings are an important event in a person’s life, so before this fateful day, we often prepare very carefully for all work. To have the most perfect ceremony for the bride and groom couple. And among them we cannot help but mention a small but very meaningful item that is a beautiful wedding card template. Understanding 3D popup Wedding cards is also very important to make the wedding party more complete. Let’s explore the beautiful product samples to have more choices for yourself.

Special 3D popup Wedding cards templates

Wedding invitation is the invitation of the bride and groom. They want to send it to their brothers and sisters to attend their wedding day. The more beautiful the invitation card, the more unique it will receive admiration and compliments from everyone. Pop-up card design is definitely a great choice for the soon-to-be couple. Wedding pop-up cards will surprise and delight the recipients. Along with that, it also shows the style of the wedding ceremony.

marriage invitation card

The 3D popup Wedding cards bride and groom on wine glasses

This wedding invitation template creates a feeling of excitement and joy for the viewers. The bride and groom are shown slowly as the card is opened. Pink cards give people a romantic and sweet feeling.

This is also a surprise for the guests because of the luxury and modernity. Because very few people know how to choose such quality products. Normally they would just use the old traditional cards.

Romantic 3D popup Wedding cards

Everyone loves a romantic space for a wedding party. Pop-up card inviting friends to join the impressive wedding day with 3D images of the bride and groom. The card uses colors that are in harmony with the inside and out. The bride and groom are featured with super beautiful flower gates.

The 3D popup Wedding cards with impressive images

Two men and women are different but have an eternal love that binds them together. The two held an outdoor wedding ceremony and danced together. All illustrated in 3D cards. The recipient will be extremely surprised and impressed when receiving the card.

các mẫu thiệp cưới độc lạ

Where should you put the wedding popup card?

For those who are passionate about 3D Handmade card templates, surely the brand VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC is no longer strange. Because this is a famous brand in Vietnam in the field of popup card design and handicrafts.

Since its inception, HMGPOP has launched many beautiful product models with increasingly high quality, most notably the 3D skin-themed card line. In particular, the company’s wedding popup card model is considered to be an outstanding product line that has conquered many fastidious customers at home and abroad because of its uniqueness, creativity, and eye-catching viewers.

In 2021, the company continues to launch many 3D popup Wedding cards templates that are ahead of the beautiful card trend of the year for customers to choose from. If you are looking to learn and order 3D popup Wedding cards, you should not ignore VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC.

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