SweatiePie and experience in making popup cards

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA posted an eye-catching video on Youtube on April 06, 2012, sharing about making popup cards as a gift for Easter.
Useful Materials
 I find that using 8 x 11 1/2-inch card stock is ideal for creating quarter-fold cards, but you can use any card stock. I mark the half and quarter-fold lines on the card with a ruler and then score them with a craft knife. I find that estimating the breakpoints of the card before folding makes the card fold more evenly.
 Step 1
 The first step in the process is to fold the card in half.
 Step 2
 Next, I fold the card into four parts along the dividing line.
 Step 3
 I drew an Easter basket image on the background of the pop-up card and then cut a slit in the basket pop-up card. To create a splash, the inside of the card is opened, and two horizontal slits are cut from it, which are then folded into a splash. Look at the image above and I think you can see how easy it is to create a popup on a map.
 Step 4
 Draw the puppy. A few years ago, I made a pop-up card with a patterned daffodil, so this time I decided to make a pop-up card with a little boy because they are synonymous with spring.
Step 5
 I shaded the darker parts of the cute chicken with a brown pencil.
 Step 6
 With a dark brown pencil, I made big, beautiful eyes for my chick, and with a blue pencil, I colored the upper part of the eggshell from which my chick comes out.
 Step 7
 I colored the basket with a neon pink pencil and a purple pencil to give it a bright Easter theme and then shaded the thick green grass around the basket to separate it from the sparser grass inside the basket. The sky was full of light blue pencils to look like a beautiful spring day. Once I had the color scheme, I attached the chicken to the pop-up window with foam glue. I used to glue the items to the card pop-up, but I hated waiting for the card to dry overnight, which might not be practical if you’re making cards at the last minute. However, I have found the foam holders from the dollar store to be useful for both scrapbooking and card making.
 Step 8
 I decorated the front of the card with hand-drawn text and shaded it with colored pencils.
I know this may sound silly to some, but to me, it almost felt like my little boy’s drawing was like the real thing. The advantage of drawing puppies is that the puppy is always the same age. I know, very stupid, right? As you can see, I have cute animals that influence a lot of my artwork and card-making.
So SweetiePie has finished making popup cards, have you finished yours?

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