The easiest steps to make popup cards don’t take much time

The market always brings new and modern gifts including pop-up cards. The birth of these cards has helped everyone get a lovely gift to give to their loved ones. If you want to make gift giving more meaningful and loved by more people, you can create it yourself. Making popup cards will definitely be important information that everyone can learn.

Is it difficult to make popup cards?

Making cards so far has required the maker to have skillful hands, meticulousness, patience…. These factors are not available to everyone to create a finished product. Therefore, to make a sophisticated and impressive card may be quite difficult for many people.

With 3D cards, it requires more creativity, ingenuity, meticulousness and patience… Therefore, making 3D cards by hand is considered difficult for most people. Even skillful people need to practice many times to succeed.

Referring to 3D images, everyone knows that they are lifelike images. It is very difficult to create card shapes from simple materials such as paper, pens, scissors, glue… that can be shaped like ordinary objects in real life.

Not only that, the images for making cards can’t be of any kind. There are types that require certain techniques, the maker needs to be creative, imagine the space and shape to be able to do it.

3D popup birthday cards

Steps to make popup cards in heart-shaped 

Step 1: First, you print a heart-shaped pattern with borders like a ladder with optional colors. Note that in this step you need to mark the cut and solid lines. cut line marked black, uncut line marked red.

Step 2: Next use a paper cutter to cut the black lines and leave the red lines intact. At this stage you need to really pay attention because just a little mistake, the heart shape will be damaged.  

Step 3: After you have finished vertical, you can use a ballpoint pen to run out of ink or you can take advantage of the paper knife handle to lightly follow the lines that have just been printed but have not been cut. Doing so will create cracks in the paper.  

Step 4: Next, use one hand to hold the card, the other hand to push the heart up. Note, which side does not have ink to go up. This step requires patience and care.

Step 5: After the heart has popped up, fold the card and smooth the folds, you can use a knife handle or your hand. Doing so will help the card stand firmly, and the folds will not be prominent.

Step 6: Finally, glue the tape to the back of the heart and then stick it on the cover of the card and you’re done. In addition, you can decorate the cover with funny and lovely shapes as you like. 

It is not necessary to choose a gift of great value to please everyone. Happiness often begins with the most simple and sincere things. Making popup cards is also a way for you to show your heart to the people you always love and cherish. The method is not too difficult and takes too much time, you just need to spend a little bit of your enthusiasm to be able to make a meaningful gift yourself. Hopefully with the above sharing, everyone will find a way to make the best gift for themselves.

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