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Easter is also a celebration of hope because it is time for Spring to return to all species.  The Creator is so wonderful, the branches are bare during the cold winter, but only after a warm sunny day brought by Miss Spring, beautiful little flower buds or young leaves have sprouted on the branches. This is also an opportunity to give love to relatives and friends through the pop up easter card templates. 

Easter eggs and easter bunny are two common symbols and symbolize Easter. Hence these two icons are also commonly found on the pop up easter card templates . 

Some models of pop up easter card by handmadegifts

Model with easter eggs and bunny

Eggs are the oldest symbol of Easter, symbolizing fertility. The rabbit is a symbol of abundant and strong vitality.

In particular, the rabbit is associated with the Ostara legend, also known as Easter. The name of this spring goddess is used to name Easter. 

The image of a pink rabbit next to a large blue egg is surrounded by small, colorful eggs. All are placed on a green lawn. The image of the card implies wishing the recipient a great Easter holiday. 

pop up easter card

Model with Easter egg basket 

Westerners believe that this Earth was originally hatched from a giant egg. In the Appalachian mountains, ancient healers used a boiled egg, rotated it on the womb of a pregnant mother, thereby predicting the child’s fertility in the future.

The cultural symbolic role of eggs in life is becoming more and more important. The custom of donating eggs has also appeared in many major civilizations.

That is why the pop up easter card also carries the influence of old legends. White easter egg basket is adorned with beautiful bow on basket handle.

In the basket are colorful easter eggs, stylized eggs with rabbit ears on top. In the center of the basket, there is a large egg surrounded by smaller eggs. 

Some information about handmade gifts

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