The pop up flower card – meaningful gift for special days

On every holiday such as birthday, christmas, noel, or New Year’s Day. We all want to give meaningful gifts and best wishes to relatives, friends and loved ones. Accompanying gifts is indispensable for cards to increase curiosity, meaning and affection. In addition to the usual cards, with pictures printed on them, it is now popular with pop up flower card. Let’s find out information related to this type of stuff shared in the article below. 

How to make pop up flower card – confetti basket

Materials need to be prepared

To complete a pop-up confetti card, you need to prepare the following materials:

– A4 color paper

– Glue

– Scissors to cut paper

– Crayons

– The card cover plate

pop up flower card

How to make pop up flower card – detailed confetti basket

First, to make the confetti pop, take a sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half, then use scissors to cut it according to the crease just made. Continue to take out the paper you just cut out and fold it into four. Fold the paper diagonally close to the fold, continuing to fold the paper diagonally backwards. Then use scissors to cut the paper curves to form petals.

When you finish cutting the petals, you open them up and cut off one of the petals. Fill the paper with crayons to make a pistil. Get adhesive tape to attach the flower, fold the flower in half. Next you fold the same flowers. You can use more cardboard prepared with the appropriate color and cut into flower branches to plug into the vase. Use glue to stick flowers and twigs together.

Next you will make a vase of flowers, with many shapes, which can be a bicycle shape, a vase, a flower basket. Use cardboard to make the shapes, stick the vase on the card and attach the branches to the vase.

When you’ve completed the steps, opening the card will look very nice, like a flower bud in a flower garden. With this way to make this pop-up flower card very simple, the finished product looks very beautiful, right? That way, you can make your own small gift that contains a lot of love in it already. 

Thiệp hoa 3D

Where should you buy pop up flower cards?

Vietnam Floating Cards and Handicraft Joint Stock Company is now a place to sell reputable pop up flower cards. We always listen to the needs of our customers, giving the first priority to the reputation and quality of our product and service. Here has a design division with a team of highly qualified staff, meeting all the diverse and complex design needs of customers.

Besides, product quality is always a factor that most people are interested in. With the motto that product quality is the most important criterion, each card, after assembled, will be thoroughly tested before packaging.

Above is the information to share about how to make, as well as where to buy high quality pop up flower card. Hope you will have more knowledge and understanding when buying cards.

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