The trend of choosing unique wedding pop up card

Wedding pop up card are a prominent and modern trend in recent wedding seasons. Any couple of the bride and groom wants to spend the most special things to preserve beautiful memories on their big day. Therefore, they will not be able to ignore the modern and luxurious 3D wedding invitations. Let’s learn more about this wedding invitation template with HMGPOP.

  1. The meanings that 3D wedding cards bring

1.1 Bringing a distinct quality

Until now, people are still familiar with traditional 2D wedding invitation templates with simple images, textures and colors just for the purpose of conveying information to the recipient. However, in today’s life, weddings are increasingly focused at each stage to make an impression as well as keep good memories later. Therefore, the bride and groom also invest to create wedding pop up card (also known as 3d wedding card) to contribute to making their own special day.

1.2 Make an impression on the recipient

This is an undeniable meaning of wedding pop up card compared to conventional traditional wedding invitations. It also answers the question: How do they remember theirs big day? Or how to make others admire and have an unforgettable impression?

 Surely the guests when holding these cards are not simply to receive information about the wedding, but they will be surprised with the design of the 3D cards as well as not willing to throw them away but will keep. as a souvenir for later.

        2. Suitable weddings to choose 

Because of the meanings it brings, compared to conventional wedding invitation templates, 3D cards will definitely be more expensive and for families with economic conditions and love the uniqueness of 3D cards.

To minimize costs, couples often choose this type of card for weddings with a relatively small number of guests. These cards will bring personality as well as special stories to help guests feel excited and excited when receiving them.

Some of the most used wedding pop up card templates

An image always contains their own distinct meanings, conveys good messages or symbolizes future wishes. Therefore, the selection of 3D models for wedding invitations is also focused on their meaning

This is a pretty popular wedding pop up card template. However, the image of the bride and groom with style or posture or image can depend on their own wishes as well as the ideas they give.

Meaningful images represent happiness

The image of a wide tree canopy with the meaning of spreading happiness, the image of the couple, the image of the house, the image of the wedding ring… are references to choose for your own wedding pop up card

In addition, contributing to the success of wedding pop up card cannot fail to mention the production address and supply of wedding invitation templates. HMGPOP has long been considered a reputable and quality address with extremely valuable feedback from customers who have used the service here.

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