Top 5 models of wedding card – the most popular today

Society is developing more and more, so the brides and grooms spend more and more effort designing their own sparkling, luxurious and unique wedding. Especially, with young couples, the transmission of personal messages is even more attentive. And to do that, the wedding card is the most effective tool because today, the wedding card is no longer merely meant as announcements and reminders, but also a means of communication, helping the bride and the groom shows their personality, aesthetic taste as well as their class.

Let’s take a look at the creative and unique models of wedding card below right below.

Model with “We hold hands together on the road.”

wedding popup card

The picture in the wedding card is the silhouette of a couple of lovers, men and women, holding hands and running on the road to the happy land. Around them are filled with hearts of love. 

Model with “A couple stands beside the tree”

The image of the couple standing together under a perennial tree with the meaning of their happiness will be accepted and protected by all. 

Model with “two swans”

White is a color that symbolizes purity. So the white swan will bring the meaning of self-cleaning, self-purification and life. This is also seen as a symbol for a new beginning. A promise of a brighter, better future. 

Model with “a couple sitting by the campfire ”

The couple sat back together by a campfire, a deserted island in the distance with the shade of coconut trees. Next to the couple also has a paper stick depicting the sun, moon, stars, clouds and wind. A card carries many meaningful messages for these couples who like to go together on adventure, exploring the corner of the sea. 

Model with “winged love hearts ”

The image in this wedding card is a winged love heart and the couple each standing on one side of the heart. This represents the cultivating of the two sides to build happiness. 

Model with “love and couple”

The word “love” is written in a stylized manner with curled and wavy lines. A pretty butterfly sits on top of the letter “O” and inside the “O” is a couple looking at each other. 

Some information about handmade gifts

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