What are the 3D cards? Where to buy cheap and reputable 3D cards?

If you are looking for a gift that is gentle but contains a lot of love to give to your loved ones, 3D cards are the choice not to be missed. Currently, 3D cards are becoming a popular gift with many different beauties. Each card that pops up with details has a different meaning. Let’s take a closer look at the information about 3D cards and where to buy products worth choosing through the information shared below. 

Some information regarding the 3D cards

3D cards are not as popular as normal cards, so there may be some people who are still not aware of this product. Therefore, the information introduced in this article will help people learn more about 3D cards.

3D cards

What are the 3D cards?

Following the modern trend, in addition to simple patterned cards, 3D Cards are inspired by the traditional Japanese art of cutting, folding and pasting Kirigami paper. When folded, they look like a regular flat card, but when opened, the floating block inside will pop. Those creative ideas make up the best 3D cards.

The meaning of the 3D cards

thiệp handmade 3D

Because it is a handmade product, each 3D Card contains its originality, creativity, meticulousness and the mind of its creator. Create the beauty and uniqueness of each publication. And Floating Cards also bring a deep value.

They can be given as a standalone gift or used to express greetings when given with other gifts. You can give 3D Cards to relatives, loved ones, sisters, mothers to thank, express your affection, and encourage spirit. These beautiful photos will make the receiver feel a lot more meaningful.

These cards are also decorated with beautiful and eye-catching details, the recipient can use it for display anywhere. From there they will remember you more and see it as a beautiful souvenir. Each detail on the 3D card will also contain different meanings so you should choose the products based on when you give the gift. 

Where to buy reliable 3D cards?

3D bulding model popup card

Currently on the market there are many types of 3D cards for everyone to choose from. However, not everywhere you will find to buy cards with good materials and eye-catching shapes. Besides, not everywhere can buy high quality products with reasonable prices. Buying good 3D is also a problem that many people are concerned about.

So where is a reputable address to buy products as a gift for a loved one? Handmadegifts is a place to sell 3D cards with many advantages as well as special designs for your choice. The handmadegift facebook address that you can find out is: https://www.facebook.com/hmg3dpopupcards/. It will be very convenient for you to buy 3D cards at the best discount prices. And of course there will be a wide variety of templates for you to choose from. You can chat directly with the order staff of the company for instructions on how to choose 3D cards according to your needs. 

On it are shared information about 3D cards as well as where to buy quality products. Hopefully, through that information will help you gain more understanding. 


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