What is a pop up card and what does it mean as a gift

On holidays or any special day, people will often turn to gifts as gifts. Each gift will show a meaning that the giver wants to convey to the recipient. The birth of a pop up card is a spiritual gift but contains a lot of love that everyone has for each other. Let’s find out what is a pop up card and what does it mean as a gift through the information shared below.

What is the concept of a pop up card?

Pop up cards are a type of art that evolved from the famous Japanese origami art. Pop-up cards, also known officially as kirigami. Unlike mass-produced flat cards, pop-up cards are created mainly based on the creativity with skillful hands, diligence and meticulousness of the people who make it.

It is made of cardboard but is based on creativity and is beautifully decorated. The pop up card has the effect of highlighting details, creating interesting feelings for the recipient of the card, so visual elements must be on top. There are two types of cards that are 90-degree vertical cards and 180-degree lying cards with complicated formulas that require more investment. A feature of pop-up cards is the foldable texture that includes the combination of many small details in the embossed shape.

In the past, when the technology had not developed, these cards were often made entirely by hand, from the steps of trimming the texture to the steps of assembling the details together to complete a card. The downside of this is that the products are not sophisticated and the designs are not rich. Nowadays, pop-up card making technology is supported by advanced laser cutting technology, the feature of laser cutting machines used to produce pop-up cards is the line with high precision of sparkline. dozens of times traditional cards. Therefore, it has formed extremely sophisticated pop up cards, perfect in every detail. It has become a beautiful gift and is loved by many people. 

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Meaning of pop up cards for special days

As mentioned, pop-up card is not gifts of material value. However, it brings great spiritual values ​​to everyone. Previously, the 3D cards were not used by many people, they were just decorated cards normally. But then many people learned and made pop-up cards with many special details.

Everyone who looks at them is extremely excited about these gifts. Inside will be details regarding the special days people will be giving gifts. Examples include birthday cake, heart, grass, flowers, Santa Claus, and many more images. Through those cards, you will write greetings, thanks. Besides that, there can also be words of love from the heart. From these meaningful texts, the receiver will feel the sender’s sincerity. Every love story will start, they will give more love to you. 

On it are shared information about what is a pop up card and what does it mean as a gift. Hopefully, through that you will have more information and understanding about this card. 

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