What special occasions should you use handmade cards for?

3D handmade cards have become the most searched keyword today because this line of cards has many outstanding advantages in design, color and really attracts viewers. 

Occasions of the year, holidays, anniversaries, will definitely be very special if everyone sends each other lovely 3D cards. Let’s review important occasions with HMGPOP that you should not miss 3D handmade card templates for recipients to have more fun and surprises.

What holidays should you use handmade cards for?

Not only does it have a delicate and beautiful design, but it is also very convenient for everyone in choosing card themes corresponding to special occasions of the year. Here are some beautiful handmade card themes for you:

Handmade birthday card

thiệp 3D sinh nhật

A birthday will not be complete without a greeting card. The greeting card will be more impressive and create many unexpected emotions for the recipient when you choose a 3D handmade card.

Handmade card for wedding day

Your wedding day will definitely become very special when the guests are holding a 3D wedding card. If you are wondering to choose the types of greeting cards, 3D cards are a very suitable suggestion.

Handmade thank you card

When you want to send thank you, sorry to someone, you can also choose a handmade card template. Handmade cards currently have many designs on the theme of thanks with meaningful and sincere messages.

Handmade Christmas greeting card

A handmade card for Christmas is also loved by many people. Christmas themed card templates are usually very beautiful and lively. So, for Christmas this year, prepare a 3D handmade card to give to your loved ones.

Handmade New Year greeting card

People are often less interested in exchanging cards on New Year’s Eve. However, the recipient will be very happy and feel lucky if someone gives him a New Year’s greeting card with a handmade card.

Where should you buy handmade cards?

There are many types of handmade cards on the market. Many people are really confused and don’t know which card to choose.

In addition, handmade cards also create sympathy by unique designs. It is completely unmistakable with ordinary cards. However, a reputable place to buy handmade cards is quite difficult.

We recommend to you handmade cards produced by VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC. It has always won great love from consumers. If you are in need of ordering handmade cards you can contact them.

All designs of the company are always guaranteed in terms of form and quality. With experience in the field of card design, they are always chosen by many people. Professional staff will advise and design handmade 3D cards according to your needs.

You can design your own card according to your wishes and also choose from the available handmade cards. Come to VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC. You will be able to buy cards with reasonable prices, custom design, printer and quality paper and ink.

Contact the company for support and questions. Their handmade cards are always confident to be the perfect cards. They help you convey deep meanings to the recipient.

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