What’s so special about Manipulating greeting popup cards?

Pop up cards with eye-catching designs and striking new designs will definitely be a particularly impressive gift for the recipient. Manipulating greeting popup cards are designed with many different themes to meet the needs of customers such as birthday, christmas, and new year cards. So how do manipulating greeting popup cards work? What’s so special about it? We will answer it with you in the following article.

What’s so special about Manipulating greeting popup cards?

Card opening operation

The special feature of manipulating greeting popup cards lies in its design. It is emphasized in the way the design opens the card. Currently on the market there are 3 types of popup cards called corner pop up cards with embossed images shown at opening angles of 90 degrees, opening angles of 180 degrees and opening angles of 360 degrees.

  • The 90 degree opening card has a simple design that uses cuts and folds to create the desired card.
  • Manipulating greeting popup cards 180 degrees designed by visual details and assembled into a 2D stereoscopic image
  • The 360-degree popup card is the most aesthetic card because it is crafted by detailed and sharp images assembled into a 3D stereoscopic image. This type of manipulating greeting popup cards simulates mainly animals or buildings.

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Manipulating greeting popup cards with 3D images

In addition to the particularly diverse and vivid opening method, this type of card also contains many mysteries. One of the other manipulating greeting popup cards is realistic 3D images. You can clearly see sharp, vivid images. From there, create separate interesting nets for the card.

Where should I choose beautiful popup greeting cards?

Among countless different card templates, you must have hesitated to choose which type is the most beautiful and suitable. Don’t worry, coming to our prestigious address you will be consulted and choose the best product.

There is a team of professional and enthusiastic staff who will help advise users to choose the best card template. Accordingly, you only need to indicate the purpose of use, the object to be donated is the sales staff who can help you get the best card.

When you come to us, you will be attracted by many beautiful and attractive cards. With many different ideas, card makers have created unique, eye-catching and highly aesthetic products.

Each popup greeting card template here is made from high-quality materials. This creates the level of the giver, expressing the best intentions and feelings that he wants to send into each card for others. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they can own a durable product over time.

With a reasonable price, the unit is always the address chosen by many people. You can own a large number of cards without spending too much.

With the above information, we already know how to manipulating greeting popup cards. Aesthetic cards will help you express more affection and impress the other party. At the same time make people pay more attention when being given.

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