When should you use pop up flower cards?

3D pop up cards are very popular in the market because of their creativity and novelty. Especially the pop up flower cards, they are loved by many people. Under the skillful hands of a craftsman, this card is cleverly decorated with embossed details of beautiful flowers. Each flower has different meanings, so choosing a gift card is also a problem. So when should you use pop up flower cards? Let’s find the answer through our sharing in this article!

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What does a pop up flower card mean?

Flowers are a wonderful gift that nature gives to humans. The flowers are not only a symbol of luck and happiness, they are also the beginning of love. Each type of flower will bring a special meaning.

Capturing those characteristics, hmgpop has produced many different pop up flower cards. They are all meaningful and passionate products of the maker.

Fresh flowers will not last long with time. But pop up flower cards are different. If well preserved, it can keep people’s feelings forever.

Not only to send wishes but also to decorate a corner of the desk. When sad, you can also bring out the words written in the card as a word of encouragement. When you are happy, you can also bring it out to remember a friend who is always with you.

What occasions should pop up flower cards be used?

A flower card with meaningful words can be used in many different cases. Explore with us the following:

Flower greeting card for happy birthday

The fresh flowers on the special card will be a meaningful gift for many people. Flowers have always been a symbol of vitality and joy. A pop up flower card that comes with a birthday present would be better. It is also a place for you to write sincere and meaningful wishes


Wedding greeting card

Colorful roses are a must in all weddings. The flowers are blooming with many colors as the best wishes to the bride and groom.

A pop up flower card with happy wishes will be really meaningful for the bride and groom.

Pop up flower card for Valentine’s Day

Roses are considered a symbol of love. On every Valentine’s Day, roses are always the best-selling products.

If you are worried the real flowers may fade. Pop up flower card will be the best choice for you. They can last a long time with many roles. Just a brilliant rose card and loving wishes. Surely this will be a meaningful gift for your lover.

A small card can express all your thoughts and meaningful wishes that you want to bring to the person you love. Flowers are always an endless source of inspiration and expression of love. What are you waiting for! Choose from pop up flower cards to give as a gift to someone you love!

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