Where to buy the best 3D cards?

3D cards are a combination of hundreds of paper details, creating a more sophisticated and luxurious beauty.

  • Reference and advice on 3D cards on Facebook

https://www.facebook.com/hmg3dpopupcards/  This is the official facebook of handmadegifts. It will be very convenient for you to buy 3D cards at the best discount prices. And of course there will be a wide variety of templates for you to choose from.

You can chat directly with the order staff of the company for instructions on how to choose 3D cards according to your needs.

wedding card 

  • Pinterest is a good place to choose 3D cards 

https://www.pinterest.com/hmg_popupcard/_created/ There are more than 300 different 3D card models for you to choose from, in addition to the short clips, realistic descriptions of 3D cards for you to explore in detail. 

pop up card

  • Youtube is also a channel for your 3D card reference


The youtube channel on 3D cards of handmadegifts has been in existence for 4 years and has now had 361 subscribers. The channel regularly updates the latest 3D card models of the shop.

With clips about images, true, sharp, detailed and meticulous in every corner, with clear and transparent introduction, customers will get a variety of references to 3D cards

  • If you love twitter, immediately update the latest 3D card templates today.

https://twitter.com/popupcard3d The latest 3D card templates for each festival season, or tournaments such as tennis, fishing, golf, … are uploaded to twitter for easy reference for users at any time and convenient. 

Shopping guide for 3D cards

Step 1: Access the website and select the product to buy

Step 2: Click on the product you want to buy with the following options

– If you want to continue buying: Click on continue buying to choose to add products to the cart

– If you want to view cart to update products: Click view cart

– If you want to order and pay for this product please click on: order and pay

Step 3: Select payment account information

– If you already have an account, please enter your username as email and password into the section that already has an account on the system.

– If you do not have an account and want to register for an account please fill in personal information to continue to register for an account. When you have an account you will easily track your order

-If you want to purchase without an account, please click on the order without an account

Step 4: Fill in your information to receive an order, choose the form of payment and shipping for your order.

Step 5: Review your order information, fill in your comments and submit your order

After receiving your order, we will contact you by calling again to confirm your order and address.


Order Information:

-The minimum quantity for 1 order is: 300 pieces.

-The minimum quantity for 1 card sample is: 50 pieces.

New design: Please contact by phone or email at the bottom of the Website

Payment and delivery: Domestic and international delivery, payment via bank transfer.

For more information, please contact: 0902 123 668/0918 986 889.

Commitment of HMGPOP

Everyone just needs to rest assured to shop at home, HMGPOP will bring the most beautiful, best quality, and cheapest gifts for you to give thanks and love to those around you. 

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