Who should send Halloween pop up cards to?

Halloween popup cards in our country are not yet popular, but in Western countries, this is an opportunity for people to express their interest and send popup cards on Halloween to each other.

Popular activities during the traditional Halloween festival are trick-or-treat (children come knocking on neighbors’ doors to ask for candy), costume parties, bonfires, and pumpkin carving.

On Halloween, in addition to decorating the house and dressing up as mysterious characters, sending greeting cards is indispensable for this Halloween. The Halloween popup cards will be gifts full of pleasant surprises and surprises for the gift recipient.

Halloween popup cards are handcrafted to create a model of holiday symbols such as pumpkins, ghost castles, black cats, witches, etc. When the card is unopened, these models fit neatly inside. In a greeting card, when the recipient opens it, the 3-D model will gently pop up on the surface of the card.

Sending Halloween popup cards in Vietnam is not yet common, so who should we send and in what relationship?

3D flower pop-up card

These cards, most of the time in our country, are only suitable for students, friends and colleagues of the same age or younger. If you are planning to send Halloween cards to your children and the kids in your family, or send cards to friends and co-workers, you need to choose a 3D Halloween popup card template that is appropriate for your age, interests and hobbies. 

You can also create DIY cards or decorate your 3D cards with blood stains by putting a few drops of red medicine on some places on the surface of the card and then tilting it slightly to let the ink drip down.

3D flower pop-up card

Sending greeting cards to a few closest friends will make both parties happier, closer and more friendly. Make a list of friends and relatives before you decide to send a card to consider the number of cards you need to buy, your relationships, the level of intimacy and most importantly, how you feel about them. them to choose the most suitable Halloween popup card.

In addition to Halloween popup cards, we have designed simulations and created exclusive 3D popup cards for Businesses. If you’re in the gift business, you can also choose from a wide range of custom-made cards to get your own unique cards.

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