Why don’t you give your crush love pop cards to show your passionate love? 

The themes of love pop cards usually revolve around a heart symbol. Since ancient times, people still believe that the heart is the center of all emotions.

So giving each other hearts is synonymous with the dedication of perfect love. Over time, up to now, the heart is still a symbol of eternal love.

Heart embossed cards are also a perfect choice for your anniversary or special day. 

Love pop cards of handmadegifts.com.vn

When couples show their love for each other, besides meaningful gifts, they are the best wishes in the love pop cards. Here are a sample of love pop cards suggested for you: 

love pop cards

Model 3D Cupids

This card simulates the Cupid in light blue wings holding a bow and heart arrow. Cupid is the son of the goddess of love and beauty Venus. According to Roman mythology, Cupid has a duty to make people fall in love.

Cupid brings a bow and arrow with a heart to indicate his love. That is the arrow of the god Cupid. As long as god shoots those magic arrows, people will fall in love. 

love pop cards

Love popup cards simulate the heart with wings symbolizing the love that can fly high and fly away.

The meaning of the image in the love pop card is that the love of the couple takes a new step. The implication could be “Will you marry me? We’ll build a home together.” 

Sweet and romantic love wishes in love pop cards 

In addition to giving chocolates and roses to that person, a warm, salty greeting card will make the other party truly emotional and love you even more.

“If there is a sentence for me because I love you, then I will stand in court and receive a life sentence with you for life ….” 

“We went through hard times together, honey. I just want to let everyone know: You are my only …. I love you so much.” 

Our service and commitment

Viet Nam Popup Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is proud to be the leading supplier of 3D popup cards in Vietnam. 

We always listen to the needs of our customers, giving the first priority to the reputation and quality of our product and service.

  • Competitive Advantage

We have a design division with a team of highly qualified staff, meeting all the diverse and complex design needs of customers.

  • Product Quality 

With the motto that product quality is the most important criterion, each card, after assembled, will be thoroughly tested before package.

  • Process of Packaging

With more than 7 years of experience in setting up and operating the packaging process, we have the best way to minimize product damage during transportation.

  • Customers Care Service

If any card is damaged due to manufacturing errors, we will make new cards for customers. If product quality is affected during shipping, we will always be with customers to solve the problem.

Our partners and customers come from more than 20 countries around the world, especially in the US and Europe, and demanding markets such as the UK, Germany, Japan, etc.

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