Why should you choose a pop up card to show your intentions? 

Meticulousness and respect in the pop up card

pop up card

Making cards to send to relatives, friends, partners, customers every time there is an event such as opening, wedding, housewarming, ….. is a fine traditional culture for many generations. 

Today greeting cards and electronic invitations are quite popular but still can not replace the invitations, the pop up card that is meticulously printed and processed because the recipient will see the appreciation of the sender. 

A cute pop up card is definitely a great way to surprise your loved ones. Not only impressing the opposite person, but also making your wishes stand out more than just only giving a gift. 

We guarantee to provide the highest quality pop up cards that your loved one will never forget. With extremely diverse models, you will have many great options. Pop up cards are not only a gift, but in fact, they are also worth, cherishing, long lasting memories . 

The pop up card is simple but gives a special feeling to the receiver

pop up card

The pop up card is truly a unique and interesting gift to create an unforgettable impression. With a meaningful message, the pop up card will give the recipient a very special feeling. 

Although they are only simple pieces, through the hands and creativity of the artists, they have produced works of high value art. Therefore, each pop up card is always soulful and lively, easily touching the recipient’s feelings. 

The kinds of pop up card that handmadegift.com.vn are providing in the market

Currently we are providing pop up cards with a variety of topics such as animals, birthday, Chirstmas and new year, famous building, flowers, Halloween, love, special days, wedding, Zodiac, Vietnam culture, others.

In addition, we accept orders according to the requirements of customers, or print from the files provided by the customer with size, quantity and material of the pop up card are optional according to customers’ need.

We understand that each pop up card carries its own meaning. It can be deep gratitude, sincere thanks, intense love or good wishes to everyone. 

pop up card

Commitment of handmadegifts when serving customers

With a simple, rustic and delicate design, the pop up card creates a uniqueness, attracting from the first sight.

We always manufacture with the best paper materials and apply the most advanced machining techniques to create the perfect cards for consumers. 

With us, customers will be committed:

  • Staff with high qualifications, dynamic and enthusiasm
  • There are many options for printing workshops, the most advanced and modern 4-color offset printing machine for high quality products, sharp images
  • Cheap, economical, reasonable printing price.
  • There are product warranty after printing, ensuring long-term cooperation 

We create unique and meaningful pop up card designs that strengthen and bond the relationship between friend and family relationships, customers, partners. 

Please contact us at 0902123668 or email popupcard3dvn@gmail.com.

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