Wishes and pop up 3D birthday card for your dear husband

Husband who is the continuation of your parents’ love will give you a solid support, another very beautiful love and lots of happiness and laughter.

He will not allow you to be sad, always share everything with you from housework, children, paternity, …

He will do everything because “my love for you” is always in his heart. 

In order for marriage to always have more fun than birthday, send your husband’s birthday greetings to the annual pop up 3D birthday card showing your love for him

Suggestions for your reference to surprise your husband on his birthday

Pop up 3D birthday card for you dear husband

Make yourself a very simple pop up 3D birthday card, nothing like a greeting card with a photo of the couple or a picture of a souvenir.

That will always mention your happy past and he will feel romantic.

Surely your husband’s eyes will sparkle red. 

Make a birthday cake

Once you are a responsible woman, take care of the main kitchen in the family. And for a long time, if you have not had the talent of baking, then this will be an opportunity for you to express your affection and love through birthday cake.

Do not need too fussy cake, do it because of your creativity to make the cake more attractive. For example: the husband’s birthday cake, also known as the couple’s birthday cake. That will be very fun. 

Make a your husband’s birthday greeting poetry and write it to pop up 3D birthday card. 

There are many women who love poetry often want to express their tenderness and contentment with poetry instead of words they want to say. 

So don’t be shy.

Read a verse to say happy birthday to your husband, for sure your husband will be very touched. 

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