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Weddings are a great and memorable event of human life. Therefore, on this most important day, any bride or groom always desires and wishes their wedding to be the most favorable and receive the most meaningful blessings from everyone. If you are invited to the wedding, besides the practical congratulatory gifts, do not forget to send your friends and relatives good and meaningful wedding wishes. Your very good and meaningful wedding greetings will be a spiritual gift for the bride and groom to feel warmer and happier. If you are still wondering whether at the wedding of your relatives or friends, you should choose a wedding card or not, please follow the article below!

wedding card

Why should we use special wedding cards for the bride and groom?

Previously, if people did not give their wedding greetings directly through handshakes, hugs for the bride and groom right at the wedding party, people often convey their feelings through handwritten cards attached in a wedding envelope or wedding gift.

Now that the society is familiar with email and social networks, visitors can also choose to express their feelings through electronic card templates available in many animated card creation websites. like, or simply give greetings via SMS, social networks like Facebook, Zalo, Tumblr . . . 

Whatever the form, the meaning of greetings and the truthfulness of the words will cleverly convey more complete feelings, evoke beautiful memories in your relationship and bring emotional sources. Warm, unforgettable on the bride and groom’s big day. 

However, traditional wedding cards may not leave much impression. To show that you put a lot of love in your wishes and prepared a greeting card. Choose a pop up wedding card. They are special wedding cards, with vivid and beautiful 3D images. Not only for sending your best wishes, you can also use it to decorate the wedding. But the pop up textures bring surprises and unforgettable impressions. 

Some pop up wedding cards you should know

Nowadays, there are many diverse wedding invitation templates, you can easily choose the one you feel like the most. Most wedding card printing and production facility companies will have templates available. Users can choose those templates or request their own designs.

Bride and groom

The bride and groom are the two main and most important characters in the wedding ceremony. Pop up the wedding card regularly with pictures of the bride and groom. Outstanding is the image of them showing love through kisses. Spectacular, poetic views of weddings or beautiful venues. This is the most popular type of image to send long-term happy wishes to the bride and groom. 

Happy wedding

Many people will love simple yet meaningful wishes. Pop up wedding cards with the words Happy Wedding will be the correct choice. It is both simple, beautiful, and has a lot of meaning. 

Hopefully the above meaningful and sincere wedding wishes will help send your love to the bride and groom on their big day. From heart to heart, all love will be felt fully and fully through these blessings!

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