Wrong thoughts about 3D cards that you often make

Immediately after appearing on the market, 3D cards quickly created a distinct attraction. They stand out much more than traditional cards. 3D cards are widely used in modern life. However, there are many misconceptions about 3D modeling cards that do not have a detailed answer. Understanding that, the article will send you the following useful information. Let’s find out those wrong views through the sharing below!

The card is a virtual image model

This is the most common first misconception. We are familiar with 3D movies, so many people think that 3D cards are also built on the same virtual image model.

In fact, the card is developed based on ordinary paper cards. But the paper material will be more special. In addition, the model and design of the card is also unique, the design is more meticulous and impressive than the traditional card.

pop up easter card

Unique design of 3D cards

Simply put, when you open the card, the 3D model will appear. This model is designed on advanced 3D engineering software. But when printed, it will have the normal paper form. The other point is that the model is more unique, instead of the textures lying motionless on the paper, the 3D model will help users see more intuitively. The image appears clear, right in front of it, so it is easy to receive the attraction.

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3D cards are very expensive

In fact, 3D design cards are not as expensive as many people think. Due to the meticulous production process and high technical requirements, compared to traditional cards. Therefore, the cost of 3D design cards will be higher.

However, the price is still acceptable. Compared to a well-invested, highly aesthetic card, it is not unreasonable to spend a little more money to own it.

It is still easy to order 3D cards without worrying about the cost. In case you order in bulk, the price will be even more favorable. So you do not need to worry about the cost when choosing to buy this type of card.

It is very difficult to find a reputable 3D card manufacturer

This is also a common misconception and lack of objectivity. There are many 3D card manufacturers on the market. Most of these units are highly appreciated for quality as well as customer service.

So looking for a card maker is very simple and not as difficult as many people think.

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Hopefully, through our sharing, you can recognize the wrong views and eliminate them.

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