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To own yourself a beautiful handmade 3D card, you need a lot of time to choose a card and at the same time not ensure the aesthetics and stability. The difficulties when making handmade cards often come from the unskillful and professional cutting off the cards, which makes the finished product not as expected.

HMG POP UP is proud to be the leading design pop up card service provider that will bring you beautiful 3D printed cards with a variety of designs, ensuring every detail will bring you a satisfied and also save you time while waiting for the most beautiful cards.

By applying 3D card printing technology with a laser cutting machine with absolute precision, sharp cuts to every small detail, the fastest cutting speed can meet all the time-limited needs of customers request

Reasons to choose pop up cards designed at HMG Pop Up in Vietnam 

HMG is a unit specializing in providing 3D card services for all kinds of holidays of the year: wedding greeting cards, new year greeting cards…

Customers can be assured of the quality when using HMG’s pop up card design service in Vietnam because the design time is always shortened as much as possible, ensuring the accompanying quality.

HMG’s cards are all made from materials imported from countries famous for their quality goods such as France and Belgium, so the quality and color of the cards are always guaranteed, making customers want to use the service. print 3D cards on HMG’s side next time.

The cost of 3D card printing is cheap, applying industrial card cutting, especially customers who order 3D printed cards in large quantities, will enjoy more incentives.

As long as the customer gives an idea, the HMG team is always ready to serve, contribute and apply modern technology to be able to print all kinds of cards you want, diverse in designs, sizes…

HMG with the above advantages in the 3D card design industry has won many hearts and received good feedback from customers in Hanoi in particular and customers nationwide in general.

Come to HMGPOP now to print for yourself the best quality cheap 3D card templates. HMGPOP’s staff is always ready to advise and serve to satisfy customers.
Contact Info:
VIETNAM Floating Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company
Address: Cell No. 03 Lot M08 Area A, Duong Noi New Urban Area, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City
Phone: 0902123668 – 0918986889

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