Famous building popup card and easy way to make a popup card

We have drawn ideas from around the world for our little famous building popup cards. Famous architecture has always been our favorite source of inspiration. From an ancient castle to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, we’ve drawn ideas from around the world for our little cards. We understand that a great card and some thoughtful words can make anyone smile. There are a great number of pop-up cards such as the Eiffel Tower Pop Up Card, The Tower of Pisa Pop Up Card, the Custom Piran Town Pop Up Card, the Custom Chapel Bridge Lucerne Pop Up Card, the Custom Salt Lake Temple Pop Up Card… Let’s have a closer look at the Police Box Popup Card, which is considered the symbol of British

Famous Building popup card – Police Box

This Police Box Pop-Up Card features a London Police Box on the front. When you open the elegant dark blue map, you will find a beautiful police box in the original gorgeous style and deep blue color.

Police box is one of the most famous building popup cards

Londoners use a police box as a UK telephone box or to contact the police. Unlike a regular phone box, the phone is located behind a hinged door, so it can also be used from the outside. Inside, officers read and fill out reports, take meal breaks, and temporarily hold prisoners. This popup card is created from the inspiration of London’s telephone booth. This product will make a simple, exquisite pop-up gift for any occasion and any recipient, especially British lovers, from little boys to adults, who simply love the beauty of British culture. Give this handmade pop-up card to your business partner, friends, or even your teenage child, and enjoy the excitement they get when they open it.

How to make a building popup card?

  • The first step:

Start with construction paper or cardboard. (Card paper works best and is easy to buy). You may also want a manila filing folder that can be easier for young pop-up makers.

Next, fold the construction paper in half on the card and return to the folded position.

  • The second step:

Draw one small parallel, draw the second slightly larger parallel, and the third parallel draw large lines. and finally, draw the middle parallel lines. If you can fold, draw a perfect fold and cut lines.

  • The third step:

Now you can cut the lines before looking at the picture. and now try to fold the lines. see the pictures about folding. and fold well along the edge with your thumb or finger.

  • The final step:

If you have broken all the lines (break lines), close the card if possible. Now press gently. And open the construction splash maps.

Design your title as “Happy Citizen” and decorate whatever you need.

Making sophisticated famous building popup card is time-consuming and require a skillful hand, but if you want to make your popup card, you can try those 4 simple steps listed above. Hope you have fun!

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