Happy easter with pop up easter card

Easter is the most important Catholic holiday, but not as big as Christmas. Give each other meaningful pop up easter cards. 

What is the Easter?

popup card for Easter Day

Easter does not have a specific date on the annual calendar. 

It is the first Sunday on the day, or after, the Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, which is the official day of spring in Europe and America. 

In Europe and America, people have a tradition of embellishing eggs (chicken, duck, etc.) with many beautiful colorful colors to decorate Easter, called Easter eggs.

The symbols of Easter often appear on the pop up easter card

Easter Egg Hunt games are often held by churches on Easter day, in which the organizers bring Easter eggs hidden around the yard for people to hunt.

We can see that the egg is a symbol of rebirth. 

The Easter Rabbit is a rabbit with colorful colors that is also a symbol of Easter. Perhaps because rabbits are famous for giving birth.

The symbol of the Resurrection is the constant rebirth in us, the old man dying and the new being born, we are always maturing, renewed, or more, and better. 

The Easter greetings for pop up easter card

“Celebrate Easter! I want to send you best wishes, sincerely. Please enjoy this special holiday happily.”

“Congratulations on the day of the Risen Lord. May God bless my dear friend.”

“Another Easter season is here again! I hope God’s children will always be protected, loved and filled with grace by him. Enjoy the Easter season with the most joy and happiness.” . “

“I wish you and all your family a very warm, peaceful, and full of divine blessings on Easter.”

“Spring is coming! Easter is coming too! Hope everyone will always be safe, happy and always blessed by God!”

“May God be there and support you. I wish you a warm, holy Easter.”

“Easter is coming very close. May God’s grace come to you. Best wishes.” 

3D pop-up for Easter

Some information about handmade gifts

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