Ideas and wishes for pop up 3D birthday card

It will be very surprising if you receive a birthday card with eye-catching shapes and meaningful wishes on your birthday. Surely everyone when receiving the gift will be very surprised and feel extremely happy. So if you want to give a small surprise full of love for your other half, then check out these pop up 3D birthday card and meaningful wishes. Here is some information for your reference.

Ideas for pop up 3D birthday card content

To create a pop up 3D birthday card, there are many types with different shapes and colors. Choose the cards that you feel are most suitable for the recipient.

The pop up 3D birthday card crocodile shape

One of the designs that are also loved by the children is the pop-up birthday card which is designed with a crocodile pattern. The blue crocodile holding the balloon is a lovely gift to give to the baby. Although given to children, they will definitely keep this gift carefully.

pop up 3D birthday card

The pop up 3D birthday card dinosaur

The dinosaur appears in the birthday gift cards to bring a fun feeling on the unicycle. Dinosaur hand holding balloons, head wearing clown hat. Children will also love it, it is like a toy. The dinosaur’s unicycle running on a rainbow of clouds. Most of the card templates are extremely cute and full of creativity.

The pop up birthday card pale blue elephant

This pop-up birthday card design with a pattern of a light blue elephant holding a gift box for birthdays. A pale blue elephant is holding a gift box for a birthday. Around the baby elephant are birthday cakes, soft drinks, gifts, balloons and very interesting toys. 

pop up 3D birthday card

Best wishes for pop up 3D birthday card

  • You may be older than yesterday, but remember that you are still… younger than tomorrow. You may be older than last year, but still younger than next year. Happy Birthday!
  • Don’t count the age, count the joy. Don’t count wrinkles, count smiles. Don’t count the candles on the birthday cake, count the wishes you receive. Happy Birthday!
  • Today could be the birthday of more than 19 million people on earth, and it could also be the birthday of thousands of famous people. But I have this wish for you only: Happy Birthday!
  • Your birthday is coming, I wish you good health, happiness and success on the path of knowledge transmission.
  • I wish you very happy to have a teacher who is a teacher in your life. Wishing you a very happy, happy birthday.
  • Thank you for your dedication and patience. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many blessings. 
  • Today is your birthday, the important girl in my heart. I wish you so much happiness, so much fun, so lucky, so peaceful. Let’s always be with you guys. Love you.

The pop up 3D birthday card is not simply a gift but also a word of love to say. Wish you will have the most meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

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