Instructions on how to make the simplest 3D popup Flowers cards

Every gift is a way of expressing the love that the giver wants to bring to the recipient. No need to be too fussy, just a simple gift like 3D popup Flowers cards can help you express your feelings. You can use the card on many different occasions without fear of being outdated or inappropriate. The types of confetti bring different beauty, but the way to make them pop up on the card will make them more vivid and meaningful. How to DIY 3D popup Flowers cards will be very necessary that you should not ignore.

Details of how to make 3D popup Flowers cards

To make a card that pops up with flowers, you need to pay attention to the steps. The first and most important steps are still to prepare the tools and materials to make the card.

thiệp nổi 3D

Supplies to prepare to make 3D popup Flowers cards

  • Cardboard paper used to make cards is white or cream colored.
  • Thin wallpaper, you can use wallpaper with some of your favorite flowers and choose the type with the same separate flower image.
  • Prepare glue, foam, glue
  • Ribbon, green cover, flower color same as on wallpaper.

Specific steps to make 3D popup Flowers cards

Step 1: Use scissors to cut pieces of flower-printed paper and stick it on the cardboard. You should pay attention to smooth and even the surface of the paperboard to stick the flower image beautifully, without wrinkling and deforming the flower shape.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut close to the edge of a flower image that you have pasted on the cover, cut the rest of the flower image separately and arrange in turn in the following order: stamens in the middle of the petals to the leaves on the side of the petal, and finally the branch.

You use a piece of foam to paste all over the back of the card you just cut, pay attention to the part of the stamen that needs to be glued with a thicker foam.

Step 3: The stage of making a card with flowers is to cut the background of the card in a rectangular shape and paint the border outside. Take the whole flower part in the center of the card background. As for the loose parts of the flower will be glued in the second layer, pay attention to the line of the petals in the upper layer below. The leaves glued on the outside also need to fit on the branches and leaves at the bottom, the stamens will stick last.

Step 4: Take the scissors to cut the border of the white cover and the blue cover to cut 2 strips of cover, the smaller white cover strip is glued on top. Then tie a piece of double-sided tape over the white cardboard strip. So you have completed the unique and beautiful flower popup card. 

The hand-made 3D popup Flowers cards will surely surprise the recipients. If you do not have time to do it yourself, you can also come to VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC. A full range of pop-up cards are provided here so that everyone can freely choose as a gift.

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