Outstanding advantages of 3D marriage invitation card

Wedding is an important and memorable ceremony in a person’s life. It is a mark of the beginning of a love and bond between two people. The bride and groom always expect to receive good wishes and meaning in this party. It is the beautiful and meaningful wedding greetings from the guests that will be a spiritual gift for the bride and groom to be happier. For that reason, the bride and groom must prepare beautiful 3D marriage invitation cards. Beautiful invitation cards not only show respect to the guests. It is also the intimacy in each relationship. Let’s find out the advantages of a 3D marriage invitation card in this article!

marriage invitation card

What is a 3D marriage invitation card?

3D marriage invitation cards are cards designed according to modern 3D models. If the traditional card only has “dry” words with a few simple and unattractive motifs, the 3D card has many more outstanding and impressive features.

On the card there are many happy motifs of the wedding. The bride and groom in the party are both delicately depicted. It creates a happy and cheerful image. A beautiful 3D marriage invitation card is also a respectful thing that the bride and groom send to the guests.

The 3D card is made based on the Japanese art of paper cutting. 3D marriage invitation card with cover made from colorful handmade paper. 3D models with wedding day motifs are made manually or using modern laser cutting.

Outstanding advantages of 3D marriage invitation card

High aesthetics

A 3D marriage invitation card is considered a highly aesthetic card, more prominent than ordinary paper cards. Because, the 3D card contains vivid and beautiful 3D simulation images, easily attracting the user’s eyes from the first moment.

marriage invitation card

Practical applicability

3D marriage invitation cards in addition to creating an attractive appearance, the card also has the full function of conveying information like traditional cards. However, the way of conveying information is more subtle and meaningful.

Inside the 3D card contains important information that the cardholder wants. The card will clearly state the date, time, and location of the wedding. Attached are the names of the two families of the bride and groom.

Long use time

3D marriage invitation cards can be kept as a keepsake or decoration in the working corner, small corner in the family. You just need to be careful not to leave the card in a humid place, with high humidity, the 3D card can be used for a long time. Also note that you should be careful not to use sharp objects, because they are very easy to damage the pattern on the card.

A 3D marriage invitation card is a reasonable invitation card with many advantages. The bride and groom should refer to many different card templates to make wedding invitation templates. A beautiful invitation card will show respect and love to the guest.

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