Steps to complete 3D popup Flowers cards for girls

You can use flower cards for many different occasions without fear of being outdated or inappropriate. The types of confetti bring different beauty, but the way to emboss on the card will make them more vivid and meaningful. Making your own 3D popup Flowers cards with paper is not too difficult but requires you to be careful about every little detail and have a little taste. The result is always interesting when manually making meaningful 3D embossed cards to give to loved ones. 

How to make 3D popup Flowers cards roses

Materials needed to make 3D cards

  • Card Templates
  • Pink paperboard
  • Ribbons
  • Tools: scissors, scissors, paper cutter

thiệp sinh nhật 3D

Specifically how to make 3D popup Flowers cards

Step 1: Print the card template and flowers on the pink cardboard, cut it apart. Knives carved a large flower on the cover. Then use the scissors to gently curl the tips of the petals inward. Glue the flowers together in order from small to large, alternating flowers, folding the large outer petals around the small inner flower.

Step 2: Paste the small flower on the big flower with 7 separate flowers outside to create a rose shape. Glue the 7-layer rose on top of the large flower on the cardstock.

Step 3: Cut a long polka dot ribbon tied to the pink card underneath the rose, tie a knot to create two bows. Glue the small paper bow on top of the decorative ribbon knot for a more beautiful look.

Step 4: Cut the rectangular white cardboard in half to make a card, stick the pink cover on top of the white card. So we’ve finished the beautiful rose-embossed card. 

Làm thiệp 3D

Where to buy prestige and quality 3D popup Flowers cards?

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Above is the information to share about how to make 3D popup Flowers cards, when giving gifts. Hopefully through that, you will have more choices for yourself. I’m sure, even if you make 3D popup Flowers cards yourself you will be excited and surprised. With this gift, you can bring surprise and delight to the recipient.

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