The wedding cards are especially meaningful

Wedding is an important and memorable ceremony in a person’s life. It is a mark of the beginning of a love and bond between two people. The bride and groom always expect to receive good wishes and meaning in this party. If you are invited to the wedding, besides practical congratulatory gifts, do not forget to send your friends and relatives good and meaningful wedding wishes. It is your beautiful and meaningful wedding greetings that will be a spiritual gift for the bride and groom to be happier. Choose a special wedding card to send your wishes to them!

Các mẫu thiệp cưới độc lạ

Which type of wedding card should I choose?

There are many different types of wedding cards. Each type of card will have different special points. But perhaps the traditional cards are too familiar and can make it boring. To show your meticulousness and care to the bride and groom, you should choose a 3D pop up card. This type of card will help you have more choices and stand out. 

As its name implies, the 3D wedding card has the effect of highlighting the details and making the recipient feel interesting. Embossed cards are mainly made by hand, from trimming textures to pasting details to complete the card. There is 3D technology support and some types of laser cutting machines used to produce 3D cards will have higher accuracy than other types of ordinary cards. 

The handmade card has its own uniqueness, meticulousness and creativity. In addition, the artists also put their whole heart into making floating cards, which is attractive to those who see this card for the first time. 

Types of pop up wedding cards

Floating wedding cards are loved by many people not only for their impressive design but also for their profound value, instead of words to say. Cards are used to give individually or to accompany other gifts. You can use this card for the bride and groom at the wedding!

Happy wedding card

các mẫu thiệp cưới độc lạ

A simple and simple Happy Wedding card, but inside it contains sincere wishes. Although they are simple, they do not contain the most important message. Hope the recipient will always be happy and cheerful. You can give it alone or bundle it with wedding gifts. Either way, it’s a meaningful wedding card!

Wedding cake pictures

Happy cakes are indispensable in many weddings. It is like a part to contribute to the happiness of the bride and groom. Beautiful wedding cakes are meticulously decorated, plus images of the bride and groom on top of the cake. This will be a prominent and meaningful pop up wedding card. 

There are many different types of wedding cards. Their main purpose is to bring good wishes to the bride and groom. Especially the pop up wedding cards will bring special points to the recipients. It also shows care and attention to the bride and groom.

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