Top 5 Beautiful And Meaningful Handmade Card Templates 

With a gift, you bring along a beautiful handmade card, the recipient will surely be extremely happy and surprised. 

  • Handmade card from brown kraft paper

The handmade card can be considered as an invaluable spiritual gift because it is a place containing thoughts and feelings of the sender to the receiver.

With the handmade card made from brown kraft paper, not only bring vintage beauty but also extremely friendly with the environment. 

The handmade card is decorated with impressive images, making your card different and making the recipient easily understand the sincerity of the card. 

  • Meaningful wooden handmade card

Wooden handmade card size: 9.5 x 15cm. Cards are designed in vintage style from rustic wood and engraved with images and meaningful wishes.

Not only that, but the back of the card also has a blank page decorated so you can write greetings and send messages to the other party.

  • Lovely mini handmade card

handmade card

If you do not like the large card templates but like the small, lovely, mini handmade  card with particularly impressive images will not disappoint you.

In particular, inside is plain white paper without lines so you can write more meaningful wishes for the recipient. 

A handmade card with a gift you give, is enough for the recipient to feel happy and happy.

The vintage card is impressive because the pictures created on the card are super funny, so it will help your gifts become more valuable. 

  • Handmade card mix burlap for the novelty

Cards are decorated and mixed with a very unique canvas, bringing a novelty when given to those you love.

A 100% handmade card is a unique strength that customers trust and choose. 

  • Handmade card with pop up style

Each card has a different texture but generally shows love and sincerity to the recipient.

Each handmade card is the result of serious, careful and meticulous work in each stage from design, paper cutting, assembly to packaging and shipping. 

Why should you make a handmade card?

In the age of science and technology, it is easier than ever to send birthday greetings to friends and loved ones. The birthdays of individuals have been saved by social media sites and at the right time will send reminders to all of our friends. What we usually do is post a status line or a photo with greetings on their timeline.

Undeniably, this modern development brings a lot of benefits when you will definitely not miss someone’s birthday if you have forgotten in your memory and congratulating like that is extremely convenient. Let the other person know you’re interested in and help you maintain a good relationship. However, the downside is that it blurs the essence of congratulation and giving birthday gifts.

For those who have an important position in your heart, if you want to express your hearts and feelings more, that is not enough, but use the traditional way to convey those wishes. When posting on social media to celebrate birthdays has become like a habit, handmade birthday cards will make them feel surprised and deeply moved.

And there is nothing more sincere and lovely than the love-filled cards that you spend your time and effort making. 

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