3D pop up flower card for Vietnam’s women day

March 8 is considered as one of the most important holidays of the year to show respect to women for their presence – an indispensable half of the world. Therefore, all over the world are busy preparing for this day as a tribute to women around the world with flowers and good wishes. So what is more meaningful than when you make a 3D flower card with your own hands – a meaningful gift to the women you love.

1. What is March 8?

International Women’s Day 8/3, also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, was formalized by the United Nations in 1977. Today, March 8 is considered the fruit of the struggle for women’s rights. enduring feminism of millions of women around the globe. March 8 celebrates women – half of the world, their importance and shows love for women. Today, the value of women is increasingly honored and enhanced, so March 8 is considered as one of the major holidays of the year. You can give gifts to your mother, lover or close women. love in the family to express their love and gratitude to them.

Materials needed to make cards

Paperboard white, hard, A4 size.
Pink or red cardboard.
Dotted ribbon.
Glue, scissors.

2. Steps to make 3D popup flower card

Step 1: Print the card template and petals (sizes from small to large in order as shown) on white paper, then cut the red cardstock according to the printed petal patterns.

Step 2: Fold the petals in the same way as shown, gently stroke the edge of the petals to create a flower shape and then glue the petals together in order (large petals are arranged outside to hug the small flower inside)

Step 3: Cut more leaves to decorate the flowers beautifully and let the card be the most perfect.

3. Prestigious address to buy 3D popup flower cards

HMG is a unit specializing in providing 3D card services for all kinds of holidays of the year: wedding greeting cards, New Year greeting cards…

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HMG’s cards are made from materials imported from countries famous for quality goods such as France and Belgium, so the quality and color of the cards are always guaranteed, making customers want to use the service. print 3D cards on HMG’s side next time.

The price of 3D card printing is cheap, applying industrial card cutting, especially for customers who order 3D printed cards in large quantities, the more preferential printing prices are.

As long as the customer gives an idea, the HMG team is always ready to serve, contribute and apply modern technology to be able to print all kinds of cards you want, diverse in designs, sizes…

HMG with the above advantages in the 3D card printing industry has won many hearts and received good feedback from customers in Hanoi in particular and customers nationwide in general.

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Phone: 0902123668 – 0918986889

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