How do marriage invitations card “cut the heart” of the soon-to-be married couples?

Marriage invitations cards are a type of wedding invitation that is preferred by many young people. The 3D rendering details make the unique difference of this card.

We have seen a lot of 3D technology applied in movies. In addition, 3D paintings and 3D images are also quite popular in our lives. Then why not apply 3D technology in wedding invitations.

Unlike 3D photos or 3D movies that use digital technology and many forms of 3D glasses must be worn to see the effect. The 3D designed wedding card uses a different technology than digital technology.

What is marrigiage invitation card?

Marrigiage invitation card also have another name, POP-UP wedding invitations. This type of wedding card is made by rendering method. This type of wedding card, when opened, will show impressive 3D wedding shapes and motifs. When closing the wedding card, the blocks, embossed motifs are neatly arranged into the card.

A kind of 3D wedding card

Angle source and history of 3D wedding cards

3D pop up wedding card are inspired by design and production from Pop-Up books (also known as 3D floating books or 3D rendering books) which have a long history. 3D books are created by combining cutting, pasting and papering techniques to create three-dimensional textures. From there, create vivid illustrations for a scene, a story that a book can often not convey.

The 3D modeling books have a long history, specifically it was first produced in the 13th century. At that time, the technology of 3D rendering with paper had not yet been applied to books and of course not even to wedding cards. Its use is mainly applied to the calculation of holy days.

Over time, this technology is used more commonly, and applied to more fields. As illustrations for the field of anatomy, illustrations for textures … However, it was not until the 18th century that books produced with 3D paper rendering technology were popularized.

This type of floating book making is quickly applied in many other fields, including the field of 3D wedding invitations. People began to use images of the bride and groom in combination with floral motifs and textures to create extremely impressive 3D paper cards.

Why are many 3D wedding invitations causing fever?

First, let’s talk about how to make wedding cards, 3D wedding invitations are much more elaborate than traditional paper wedding invitations. Ordinary paper wedding invitations are mass-printed using Offset printing or silk-screening technology, then put into a laser cutter to cut more textures to complete.

As for 3D Pop-up wedding cards, before being printed, people have to calculate and design the details to create blocks, the details emerge when opening the card. Then, just like a traditional wedding card, it is mass printed and laser cut with a pattern. Next, the card maker must use manual methods to cut and paste more 3D details of the card to complete this impressive card. It is such complicated stages that the floating card makes a great impression on both the person placing the card and the recipient.

Another reason this type of wedding card is “fever” for young people is that it has the ability to convey their wedding ideas and wedding messages to the guests in the most accurate and subtle way. Besides, this type of wedding card makes a big difference compared to the traditional paper wedding invitations. The recipient of the card will surely be amazed at the creativity and excellence of this different wedding card.

How many types of 3D wedding cards are there?

There are 2 types of 3D wedding invitations: 900 montage cards and 1800 lying cards

Type of card erected 90 

As a type of card when opened at a 90o angle, the blocks and details will emerge. We can place the card in an L shape to see all the 3D textures of the card. This type of card is usually the 3D embossed part in the middle of the double fold area of ​​the card. The details of the wedding party, the wedding will be printed below.

1800 lying 3D card

The 1800 montage card is a card that when fully opened 180o, the new 3D images emerge. To see all the details, the 3D images we have to open the card completely. The detailed information about the wedding party will be printed on a separate sheet of paper attached to the card, not printed on the card paper.


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