Make simple Christmas pop up cards at home

Making Christmas pop up cards seems difficult but is extremely simple that anyone can do at home. With just a few minutes of creativity, you can make a beautiful and beautiful Christmas pop up card to replace Christmas wishes sent to relatives and friends. Please refer to some ways to make Christmas pop up cards as well as some important notes when making cards below.

How to make a Christmas popup card to create a gift box

At Christmas, we often give each other gifts to show our care and affection for others. So a gift box-shaped floating card made by yourself with a merry Christmas will surely make the recipient extremely touched and excited. Right here, please refer to the instructions on how to make Christmas pop up cards with cute gift box shapes.

Materials to prepare:

+ Colorful cardboard

+ Scissors, ruler, glue, pencil, pen

+ Star decal (if any)

Steps to do : 

Step 1: First, fold the paper to make the card and then use a ruler to divide and mark the size of the gift box on the back of the folded card.

Based on the size of the card you choose to divide into 3 to 4 gift boxes with heights from 0.8cm to 1cm apart so that they are beautiful and even.

Step 2: The next stage we will determine the width of the gift box, each box will be 0.5cm more or less different. Use a pencil to draw the width from the back of the card toward the edge of the card.

Step 3: Take scissors and cut along the width line of the gift box. Then fold the gift box along the cut line to the edge of the card.

Step 4: Next, open the paper and fold it again along the cut line of the gift boxes and then pull back to the edge of the paper. Next, pull the gift box back towards the edge of the paper.

Step 5: Use glue to apply on 1 side of the gift box cut paper. Note do not apply glue to the cut gift box. Stick one side of the card inside the card and apply glue to the other side of the paper, but remember to leave the gift box untouched. Then fold the card, press it tightly to make the glue dry faster.

Step 6: The remaining work is to gently push the gift box out and you will get a card with a lovely and cute gift box shape. If you want the gift box to be more beautiful, you can use ribbon to decorate it to create an aesthetic.

pop up christmas cards

Where to buy cheap Christmas pop up cards?

Besides making beautiful and meaningful Christmas pop up cards yourself, you can also buy these cards at reputable addresses. Vietnam Floating Cards and Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is one of the leading units providing 3D card templates with special and detailed designs. HMGPOP is a unit specializing in providing quality products to customers. In addition, when buying products here, customers also receive extremely attractive promotions and promotions. For customers who are far away from HGMPOP, there is also a shipping support program, free shipping.


Hopefully with how to make Christmas pop up cards shared in the article, it will help you prepare a meaningful gift for the upcoming Christmas. Don’t forget to come to HMGPOP to choose more impressive and unique 3d Christmas card templates.


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