Meaning of 5 flowers in love pop flower 

If you want your love to be always faithful and enduring, choose sunflower and dahlia. If you want to show your happiness, choose chrysanthemums and fragrant sweet pea flowers or want a happy marriage, choose carnation and many more options. 

Meaning of 5 flowers in love pop flower

  • Love pop flower: Alstroemeria

This flower is also known as Lily Peru, grows in clusters, petals often have many bright colorful rays. 

Color: white, pink, yellow, purple, orange, red

White alstroemeria looks gentle and pure, bringing in a sense of purity and security in a busy life. 

Yellow alstroemeria symbolizes care, concern, love and respect for the other party.

Red alstroemeria is meant to bring the owner of success. 

Meaning: Flowers symbolize prosperity, trust each other. 

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  • Love pop flower: Carnation

You can use pink carnation with red or white carnation with white rose to make a beautiful bouquet. You can also make flowers into strings and hang them down for indoor decoration or simply stand in a vase on the reception desk.

Color: white, yellow, light pink, dark pink, red, burgundy or a combination of 2 colors

Meaning: Flowers symbolize marriage happiness, admiration, passion, strong and pure love, indelible beauty. 

  • Love pop flower : Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum has many types, existed for a long time, more than 2,500 years and also appeared in the works of Confucius. People also use chamomile as a medicine to treat a number of diseases, making a perfume with a sweet scent. Today, you can also use it to form a beautiful bouquet when combining white – yellow, green – yellow daisies or white chrysanthemums and other white flowers and wildflowers.

Color: white, yellow, green, orange, sepia, red, burgundy

Meaning: Chrysanthemum represents cheerfulness, optimism, longevity. For white chrysanthemum, it shows innocence and simplicity; The yellow chrysanthemum represents admiration and the red chrysanthemum represents love. 

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  • Love pop flower : Dahlia

The Spanish found dahlia flowers in the Aztec gardens and were attracted so they brought flowers to Europe to plant. After that, the flowers were planted around the world. Combine with other flowers you love with colorful dahlia flowers or use pure white flowers to make beautiful bouquets or put them in a low-necked vase on the reception table.

Color: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple

Meaning: The flower symbolizes faithful love and the enduring love, so it is very suitable for use in weddings. 

  • Love pop flower : Gerbera

With the shape of gerbera, many people mistake flowers for not real. Flowers are grown in the hottest climates of Asia and Africa and are available all year round. The bouquets can be used to combine red gerbera with rose, gerbera, orchid or any white, yellow flower.

Color: white, yellow, orange, light pink, dark pink, red

Meaning: need protection and friendship. 

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Some information about handmade gifts

Love pop flower card will say your words

It is interesting to be given a flower, but it is even more wonderful to know that each flower has its own meaning hidden within it.

Therefore, when you want to give flowers to someone, you should find out if the recipient likes it and what it means.

If you are afraid that the recipient of the flower does not know the meaning of the flower you send, simply write the meaning of the flower and the love pop flower card about that flower to the recipient.

Sometimes, it is easier to have things that you write on paper with a bouquet of flowers attached than it is easier to say it upright when facing someone. 

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