7 most useful tips in choosing a marriage invitation card

Beautiful marriage invitation card will impress those invited about the thoughtfulness of the couple. Among hundreds, thousands of marriage invitation card templates, it is not easy to have the right card like that. But with 7 tips below, make sure you know how to choose a marriage invitation card “standard without adjustment”. 

7 most useful tips in choosing a marriage invitation card

marriage invitation card

  • Time

You should order or buy a marriage invitation card 3 – 4 months before the wedding. Usually, the time to print cards depending on the quantity and design varies from 7 to 15 days, or even up to 20 or 25 days.

Early printing time helps you to be proactive in choosing a complete card template, which can additionally print or correct printing errors.

Don’t wait until the day to frantically contact your supplier for anything that shouldn’t be there. 

  • Design and color

In choosing a marriage invitation card, it is important to define a design concept. You can choose a card with your own wedding style.

Or you come up with your own ideas and then exchange more with the printing unit for consistency. Make use of internet resources, magazines, websites, friends and relatives to have the best ideas. 

You should also pay attention to the color of the marriage invitation card. If the card is white or cream in color, mix it with black or silver; If the color of the card is slightly yellow, the yellow text is the most suitable.

If you want to break the way, a metallic font with colorful colors for cards with irregular shapes is not a bad suggestion. 

thiệp cưới độc lạ

  • Form and size

Traditional wedding invitation templates are usually in the form of a horizontal rectangle with two or three folds. 

However, nowadays, the way of choosing a marriage invitation card has made big changes, out of the usual pattern.

There isn’t a single set of card forms and sizes, so you are free to get creative. But remember this will directly affect your costs. 

  • Quantity and cost

Depending on the design and model you choose, the price is also different. 

With traditional models, the price ranges from 2,000 – 5,000 VND/card, while 3D cards depending on design, paper quality, color, ink, typography are priced from 25,000 – 100,000 VND / card.

With the cost of card printing, you should only spend 10-20% of your budget to solve any arising problems if any. 

The quantity of marriage invitation card is much due to the calculation method and the family and social relationship of each person.

However, you should print about 10 – 20% of the estimated amount to avoid writing mistakes, damaging or needing to invite more people. 

  • Material and printing

The materials also make up the beauty, so you should pay attention. Strong paper material will make the card look more beautiful. 

Grains of paper, glossy lamination paper will create an impression on guests when holding your marriage invitation card in their hand.


Choosing a reputable printer, doing contracts with strict terms is a must for couples. At the same time, before printing hundreds of cards, you need to print a few test pieces to ensure all details are as desired. 

In particular, you need to make clear that the printer will be responsible for incorrectly printed cards. 

các mẫu thiệp cưới độc lạ

  • Grammar and spelling

Important details such as party owner, bride – groom name, time, party venue, wedding ceremony, dresscode (if any). Also any additional information should be included in the wedding invitation envelope.

Another thing is that the font and color you choose should have a contrast for the recipient to read. 

Do not choose a font that is too fussy because it will cause eye trouble, it should only be used to highlight the bride and groom’s name. 

  • Pen for writing a marriage invitation card

For a perfect marriage invitation card , you cannot skip this step. Many types of pens are used to write cards such as glitter pen, ballpoint pen, color pen …

Each material, color, and envelope will suit different types of pens.

To avoid mistakes, you should write in the order of the guests that have been carefully planned.

Writing also needs to be fixed, this is an expression of the goodwill and respect of the owner of the wedding to the guest.

Hopefully with 7 tips we give you, couples will know how to choose a marriage invitation card easier. 

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