Pop up birthday card brings a lot of unexpected joy

Pop up birthday cards and the most impressive card templates

Birthday is a special day for everyone, we always want to receive meaningful gifts. A birthday greeting card with a unique content is sure to make them happier. However, a traditional birthday greeting card probably won’t leave much of an impression, maybe it gets boring. So the pop up birthday card was created. It has a special structure with funny shapes. Especially the 3D pop up images, very creative and beautiful. We also go to find out these interesting pop up birthday cards!

What is a pop up birthday card?

thiệp chúc mừng sinh nhật độc đáo

In fact, pop up birthday cards are cards with a special structure and different from the usual cards. It is simpler to understand that when you open it up, the graphic patterns will be displayed. It can be any shape or a funny animal, very sensory stimulating and this is a very good suggestion for holidays or anniversaries. 

With pop up birthday cards, the decorative motif is usually pictures of beautiful birthday cakes and candles. Sometimes it would be a happy birthday photo.

Pop up birthday card is made from special handmade paper, undergone many new design stages to make a complete card. With products manufactured and distributed by the company HMG POP, you will have to comply with strict regulations to give users a perfect quality product. 

Each pop up birthday card has a different texture but generally shows love and sincerity to the recipient. With all the passion, creativity and high sense of responsibility, HMG POP always works seriously, carefully and meticulously in every step from design, paper cutting, assembly to packaging and shipping. 

Some kinds of pop up birthday card

Birthday cake

This is probably the most popular pop up birthday card product, with a pop up image of a birthday cake with candles. It brings a happy and warm birthday atmosphere. Products are handmade, paper material imported from Italy, Japan, Korea. 

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The funny and lovely mice always receive the love of many people. The image of two rats blowing candles to celebrate a birthday gives us a sense of excitement. Besides, the card also has some funny and lovely decorative motifs. Products are handmade, paper material imported from Italy, Japan, Korea.

Happy birthday

A day as important as a birthday will be indispensable with good wishes. Pop up birthday cards with the theme of happy birthday will have many best wishes to the recipient. In addition, cheerful motifs such as paper fireworks or gifts will make the card owner happier. 

Birthday cards are indispensable, pop up birthday cards will make the gifts even more special. It has a rather intricate, creative and beautiful design. There are many different pop up birthday card templates. Choose a card like that to your loved one!

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