Revealing 8 ways to choose a beautiful wedding invitation card

8 ways to choose a beautiful wedding invitation card

  • The wedding style

A wedding invitation card is said to be perfect if you really “stick” with the wedding organization style. Because it is an integral part of every wedding.

Determine what style you want to decorate your wedding party? Classic, modern, simple or colorful? Rely on that style to choose or design the right wedding invitation card, creating unity, seamless emotion for everyone. 

  • Color

After you have identified the style of wedding invitation card, color is the next factor that you need to pay attention to harmony. It’s better to choose a color that is consistent with the main color you will use to decorate the party.

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  • Styles and sizes of wedding invitation card

In terms of styles, we have 2 popular options: square or rectangle. If you go in the traditional direction, here are the types of invitation cards that you can choose from.

However, for a wedding with a modern style, the bride and groom are people with personalities, like to break …, you can also refer to card templates with different, special shapes such as heart-shaped, leaf-shaped, shell-shaped cards …

The general note is that whatever shape you choose, the size should be compact to create convenience for guests when they want to put cards in bags, clothes bags … 

  • Information

It is important to present information in writing, because that is the content of the wedding invitation card.

With this in mind, there is a rule that you need to adhere to, which is that the font color must be contrasted with the background color to be easy to read. Do not use light text colors on a light background, or dark text on a dark background.

However, that contrast should only be enough to highlight information, not too much will cause blinding, losing the sophistication as well as the aesthetics of the wedding invitation card

Also, do not choose strange fonts, which are difficult to read. Such fonts make the card easier to offend old, and demanding guests. 

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  • Use concise words that are easy to understand

To create an impression, many couples choose to use the word breakout, not following the simple, traditional path as before. 

However, no matter how creative you are, you should use easy-to-understand words so that the guests can correctly understand the content of the wedding invitation card.

  • Make a plan for wedding invitation card early

If you want to have a card template designed according to your own, the time from 6-8 months before the wedding is the best way for you to kick-start the wedding invitation ideas and design.

In case you decide to use pre-designed templates from wedding invitation printing companies, it should be done early, about 2-3 months in advance to have time to edit and handle unexpected problems. 

Make sure to have the right card template to be distributed 1-2 weeks before the wedding.

  • Consider pricing

Wedding cards come in many different types, in terms of paper quality, ink and price. In addition, the price is also affected by the number of cards to be printed and the time to be completed.

Often simple, traditional samples with quantities below 300 cards will cost around 3,000-5,000 VND / card. This fee will increase from 10,000 – 100,000 VND / sheet if you require sophisticated and sophisticated card templates.

Please consider carefully your finances to choose cards with the right price. 

  • Checking for spelling errors

Don’t show your guests that you are negligent with your wedding invitation card. For them, the wedding invitation card is an object showing your respect and goodwill to their presence at the wedding.

Therefore, a spelling mistake, even if it is just a dot or comma, is absolutely not allowed to happen. 

Hope these revelations will be helpful for you to choose a wedding invitation card

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