Why should you choose a pop up flower card for your loved one?

Each card will help you write deep love words to the person who has always been by your side. Thereby you will have to choose the card with all your heart, not in a casual way. Currently on the market there are so many beautiful card designs that it is difficult for people to choose the best product. At that time, a safe solution is to choose a pop up flower card. The shares below will help you find the best product.

Advantages that pop up flower cards bring

Outstanding, unique.

Floating flower cards are one of the top card templates that are evaluated as creative, unique and aesthetic cards. The card brings vitality from content to color, simulating the idea of ​​a flower. vivid, beautiful way from the moment you hold the card to the moment you open the card.

Thiệp nổi FL007

Real choice

The pop up flower card is an exquisite choice when you want to give a greeting card to your loved one. In addition to being attractive from the outside, the card is also full of the message you want to convey to the recipient.

Durable, long lasting

A card will save memories over time that the recipient keeps as a memory. Selecting a card with flowers will save a long time, not moldy, fade, blur… The durability of the card is also very hard in the most normal storage conditions.


With the above advantages, many of you will think that the cost to buy a pop up flower card will not be low compared to normal cards on the market. But the actual price to complete a card with any flowers is not as high as you think. It just fluctuates a bit depending on the material, complexity of the idea, 3D model and the number of flowers shown on the card….

Some pop up flower card templates as meaningful gifts

Hydrangea pop-up card

Hydrangea is a very special flower, each flower is a combination of countless fragile petals, crowded, close together. Normally, hydrangeas often have only 3 main colors: pastel pink, light blue and purple. Therefore, with the hydrangea floating card, each color has its own meaning.

The card embossed with pink hydrangeas symbolizes love, the romance of a happy couple. Floating card with blue hydrangea symbolizes rejection or sincere apology. Floating card with purple hydrangea represents wealth, affluence and conveys the luck you want to send to the recipient.

Orchid pop-up card

Orchids are famous for their extraordinary vitality. Originating from the forests of the tropics, orchids are now one of the most loved flowers in Vietnam.

Orchid floating cards are designed in a variety of ways, with each color, they contain their own message. If the white orchid floating card symbolizes a pure and strong love, the gratitude and respect of each person, the yellow orchid pop up card is a symbol of friendship, joy and a new beginning. Finally, with the faithful and luxurious purple color, the purple orchid embossed card represents an ironic love, admiration, respect and nobility.

This article has brought you some necessary information to help you choose a beautiful pop up flower card to give to your loved ones and special people in your life.

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