Notes to know when buying love 3D popup love cards for loved ones

Popup cards are a line of gift products that are trusted by many people and used for many different purposes. Floating love cards are often used on special occasions to create romance and warmth for couples. Let’s learn more about this card template with HMGPOP in the article below.

1. What is a 3D popup love card?

Floating love card is a card model built according to a modern 3D model. If traditional cards only have simple textures of cardboard, embossed cards have much more advantages in the impression of every detail. Floating cards were born based on the Japanese art of paper cutting. The card is made of cardboard, colorful handmade paper. This type of card can be made manually or cut by modern laser technology.

3D pop up love card templates often favor details in the shape of a heart, couple or cupid depending on the preferences of each person. The favorite color of this themed card is usually red, symbolizing the intensity of the couple’s love and stability over the years.

2. The secret to buying beautiful and unique 3D pop up love cards

Floating love cards are quite familiar products for many young people. This type of card can be made by yourself, but usually only simple card templates can be made. To make the card more unique and beautiful, you can choose to buy floating cards at professional card-making addresses.

The advantages of pop up cards are high aesthetics, practical application and long use time. You can consider floating cards as decorations and memories placed in the small corners of the family. Avoid placing the card in humid places that can easily damage the card and pay attention to opening and closing the card gently to ensure the beauty of the card for the longest time.

To make a quality embossed card, the paper for making the cover needs to be strong and thick to ensure that when opening the model on the table, it does not warp. In addition to paying attention to the paper cover, when choosing to buy a card, you need to pay attention to every little detail of the card. Usually, the smaller the 3D model of the card, the more detailed it will be, the more difficult it will be to make and the price is also much higher than that of simple cards. Therefore, to buy a card that suits your needs and preferences, you need to learn carefully about the card model, quality and price before buying

3. Choose where to buy 3D pop up love cards 

HMGPOP is a unit specializing in providing 3D popup love cards, quality model floating cards known in the market. The embossed cards at our company are made using high-grade paper and need to undergo a meticulous assembly process to create a beautiful and durable 3-D model.

  • The benefits when you choose to shop at HMGPOP are as follows:
  • The products of 3D popup love cards, floating cards are diverse in design and quality assurance
  • Reasonable price, competitive compared to the market
  • Custom made-to-order cards, you just need to state your requirements and wishes, HMGPOP will bring you the best card template.
  • Professional and dedicated customer service staff is ready to answer all your questions
  • The above article is the sharing of HMGPOP about current 3D popup love card templates. For more detailed product information, please read more at our website or contact us directly through the information below.
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