Beautiful Pop up easter card

1. The orginal of Easter’s day

Easter is often considered one of the most important Christian holidays of the year. Usually takes place in March or April each year to commemorate the death and Resurrection of Jesus from the dead after his crucifixion.

In countries where Easter is celebrated, on this day parents boil eggs and decorate the eggs (Easter Eggs) with many bright colors and hide them in the garden, the children who are usually their children will wait. to the day of resurrection to find those eggs.

The Easter egg is extremely sacred to Christians. This is considered a symbol of resurrection, outside the easter eggs are also decorated with extremely diverse and brilliant colors.

In addition, depending on different cultures, people also have different ways of celebrating Easter. People in America often color hard-boiled eggs in baskets to give as gifts. The Easter Bunny is known as an Easter gift-giving character just like Santa Claus gives presents on Christmas.

The Easter Bunny first came to America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and brought with them their tradition of an egg-laying rabbit known as the “Osterhase.”

According to American culture, on Easter Monday, the President of the United States usually holds an annual Easter Egg Roll for children on the White House lawn. The child who rolls the egg over the last line first is the winner. This tradition was first initiated by Dolly Madison, wife of President James Madison, in 1814.

Many towns and villages in Italy often perform sacred tragedies about segments of the Easter story. They are held in the squares on Easter day. Pastries are baked into the shape of a crown. Other traditional foods include lamb and goat meat. Easter in Poland is celebrated with family meals consisting of ham, sausages, salads, Polish cakes and trio mazurka, or cakes filled with nuts, fruit and honey.

2. History of Popup Easter card

People sent the first Easter cards at the end of the 19th century. This is also the time when people’s tendency to send postcards started to develop. Along with the development of gifting greeting cards, the interference of cultures, the use of greeting cards to give each other on Easter has also gradually developed and spread to many countries.

The original images on Easter postcards included Easter bunnies, sheep, flowers, eggs with messages of hope for life, 3D Easter cards today also use familiar images. above to simulate in the form of a 3-D model, besides a Rabbit or Butterfly model representing spring.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, sending any card at any time can lift someone’s spirits. Although Easter may be moved every year, it will always fall in spring in the UK. Believe it or not, an Easter card can offer hope and encouragement during difficult times. Or perhaps just a reminder of the beautiful world we live in.

Meaning of pop up easter card

Check out the popup Easter cards in the article to get inspired and choose the 3D card you feel is right for you and the person you’re sending it to.

After Christmas and the New Year, Easter is a hopeful time of the year and optimism is a wonderful feeling to share in a card with greetings for someone you care about.

3. Dress to buy reputable 3D cards 

3D cards are becoming more and more popular and are chosen as gifts for special occasions. 3D cards are not only creative, breaking out of the traditional mold that ordinary cards have. When receiving a 3D card, the recipient will be surprised at the miniature images inside the card that suddenly appear, giving a realistic and beautiful look. Choosing 3D cards for gifts is a great choice.
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