Birthday pop up card – An unique and impressive gift

Birthday is a very special and important day for everyone, so on this occasion, a meaningful gift is indispensable. The gift will show your sincere affection and wish the best to the owner of the birthday party. If you are still looking for an impressive and unique gift, choose a 3D birthday card with attractive vivid images at HMGPOP.

  1. Impressive and unique 3D birthday cards at HMGPOP

3D birthday cards are increasingly popular to give to relatives, friends, colleagues… on birthdays. Understanding the psychology and needs of customers, HMGPOP has launched many 3D birthday card designs for everyone to freely choose.

1.1 3D card shaped cake

A birthday party cannot be complete without a cake containing feelings, wishes and wishes lit on each candle. Therefore, a special 3D cake-shaped birthday card is loved and chosen by many people as a birthday gift.

3D birthday card with cake shape

The multi-layered floating cream cake is designed with beautiful images, shimmering candles and the words Happy birthday that will make the recipient excited and touched.

1.2 3D card with birthday gift box

Surely none of us can forget the thrill of opening birthday gifts, right? Then a 3D birthday card with an image of a floating gift box beautifully tied with a bow and a vivid bunch of balloons will surely surprise the recipient. This will be an appropriate gift to give to friends and colleagues on their birthdays.

1.4 Animal 3D card

A gift from a 3D card that is chosen by many people is a 3D animal-shaped card. The card with the cute 3D animal image is an impressive unique gift that will make the gift recipient extremely excited. In particular, the children will surely love this special gift. Besides, you can choose the animal image according to the birthday person’s year of age, which is both meaningful and very new.

In addition, coming to HMGPOP, customers will have more choices with 3D birthday card templates at their request.



2. How to choose 3D birthday cards

When choosing a 3D birthday card for the card to express its true meaning and bring joy to the recipient, it is important to note a few issues below:

2.1 Choose the right card for the audience

First of all, you need to base on who you are giving 3D birthday cards to, age, gender, relationship with you? The purpose is to choose a card with appropriate images and content. If you are young, you should choose funny and lovely images, and if you are an older person, you need to choose a card with an image showing solemnity and courtesy…

2.2 Choose the right card with the right meaning

Each card will have images and content to create a different message meaning, so it is important to pay attention to choose the right card with the right meaning to say, want to express and express to the recipient.

2.3 Choose the right size card

Another note when choosing a 3D birthday card is to choose the right type for the accompanying gift. The size of the card should be smaller than the gift being given so as not to overshadow the gift and at the same time show the delicate sophistication for the recipient.

The 3D birthday cards will be the best and most meaningful gift to give to the birthday you are looking for. Come to HMGPOP to choose the best card model for you!

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